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Tai Chi Chi Kung

Tai Chi Chi Kung Ancient Art of Healing Body, Mind & Spirit – Monday & Wednesday 6 – 6:30PM

Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style Tiger StanceMaster Mehrdad teaches a basic element of life journey, an ancient spiritual practice based on the principles of Good Thought, Good Words, and Good Deeds which originated from Zoroastrian beliefs in Persia thousand years ago.  Martial Arts Weapons TrainingHighly effective internal and external Tai Chi Nie Gong and Tai Chi Chi Kung will instill mental calmness and you will feel the vital life force within.

Your body will change as increased  circulation gives you more energy, stamina, strength, youthfulness and a physical, mental and spiritual awareness. This class also incorporates Yoga, thereby allowing you to gain full flexibility, release stress and tension. This is a safe routine that will increase your metabolism and tone your body as well. Classes consist of our traditional Martial Arts training, Meditation, Chi Kung, Short and Long Form, Push hand as will as Lion Sword Form.

Please note: Master Mehrdad only offer his teaching for Tai Chi Kung, Qigong classes to his advance and intermediator Hap-Ki-Do, Kung Fu students or private member/student only. Master Mehrdad believe to order for someone to understand Chi Kung, first they have to respect the culture and willing to change their materialistic life and start a new journey in spirituality and harmony. That is why Master Mehrdad, offer qigong and tai chi in his Clearwater, fl studio to certain student.

About the Art – Tai Chi Chi Kung & Qigong

Tai Chi Push HandThe emphasis on the spiritual life, rather than the material concept. For example of this in the maintenance of health and strength, where in the west emphasize the physical body more, which in the eastern philosophy tends to treat or strength the person’s spiritual, mental and internal health first then physical/external muscle.

Martial Arts Cane FormSome people believe that if you strength your physical body, you also improve your health. Ignoring the balancing of the body’s internal chi, which is also related to the emotions and the cultivation of spiritual calmness. Healing takes place by using chi energy (internal energy) and universal energy to bring balance to the person and harmonize their body, mind and spirit.

Tai Chi Classes. Doug has been Master Mehrdad since 1993 to presentThis process allows the healing energy to flow freely through the entire body by opening body the chi channels. This healing Art which has the capacity to heal all external and internal diseases also physical ailments has been secretly passes down from generation to generation for over 1000 years.

Benefits of Training in the Art of Tai Chi

Tai Chi in st. petersburg, flHow you benefit from training in this Art Tai Chi Chi Kung. Eastern philosophy teaches that the mind needs to be whole. In order for the body to function properly. This technique will help you gain mental and physical strength. It will also relax your muscle, and instruct you to breathe properly and gain internal and external (yin / yang) balance. Deep meditative breathing with chi gong movement has proven to be extremely effective for the following. Spiritual healing, external power, mental focus and healing the joint damages such as arthritis.

Chin Na Martial ArtsDefinition of Chi or Chi Kung: We have explained that Chi is energy, and that it is found in the heavens, in the earth, and in every living being. In China, the word “Kung” is often used instead of “Kung Fu”. Which means energy and time. Any study of training which requires a lot of energy and time to learn or to accomplish is called Kung Fu. Martial Arts Flexibility Philosphy

Therefore, the correct definition of Chi Kung is any training or study dealing with Chi. Which takes a long time and a lot of effort. Some people think Chi is an electric energy, others believe that it is a magnetic energy. Many others believe that Chi is heat or some other type of energy. However, anyone who has carefully researched the historical background of Chi would not define it by any one of these narrow definitions.

Tai Chi in st. petersburg, fl

What is Chi?

Since Chi is the source of life. If you understand how Chi functions. You know how to regulate it correctly, you should be able to live a long and healthy life. Remember that you are part of nature. Every person is part of the cycles of nature. If you go against this natural cycle, you may become sick. So it’s in your best interest to follow the way of nature. This is the meaning of “Tao”, which can be translated as “The natural way”.

Tai Chi and Kung Fu Kicking TechniquesResearch of human Chi have been covers many aspects. Including acupuncture, acupressure, herbal treatment, meditation, and Chi Kung exercises. Tai Chi and Yoga for health and joint movementThe use of acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal treatments to adjust human Chi flow has become the root of Chinese medical science. Meditation and moving Chi Kung exercises are used widely by the Chinese people to improve their health or even to cure certain illnesses.

Meditation and Chi Kung exercises serve an additional role in that Taoists and Buddhists. They use them in their spiritual pursuit of enlightenment. Chi including heaven Chi, earth Chi, and human Chi should be called Chi Kung.

Shaolin Kung FUIn conclusion I like to say the following. The Buddhist and Taoist and Eastern philosophy says that there are seven human emotions. They are joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate and lust. Six desires which originate in the six roots. The eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. Tai Chi in st. petersburg, flThese seven emotions and desires are products of the emotional mind not wisdom mind. Although some of the emotions like love can act to uplift us. Most of the emotions and desires lead us to the evil and ugly side of life. The side of human disaster. If we learn to strengthen the wisdom mind, we can gain calmness and peace. This can help us to develop patience, perseverance, strong will, and a sense of justice and harmony.

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