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Be Ready For Any Attack - Women Self Defense Training

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Martial Arts for Children: Honor, Respect, & Dedication

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The Benefits of Muay Thai Training for Women

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Hap-Ki-Do - Discover the Power within Yourself

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Strykerz KidFit Martial Arts Summer Camp Program

STRYKERZ Combat Self Defense

Hapkido Disarm Gunman

STRYKERZ Combat Self Defense in St. Petersburg, Florida

STRYKERZ® Combat Self Defense

Master Mehrdad’s Strykerz® combat self defense courses and hand to hand combat fighting are combining from his life experience in combat encounter, close hand to hand street fighting, over 4 decades of traditional Martial Arts Hap-Ki-Do and Kung Fu training and as an active professional Muay Thai fighter in the ring himself.

Martial Arts for Women

Women Martial Arts Self Defense Seminar

Our self defense instructors can really show you how to defend yourself in dangerous situation. Teaching self defense require expertise in the fighting field. STRYKERZ combat Self Defense training is 8 weeks Survival training program for student of all ages, who wants to sign up for more intensive self-defense training program. This course is highly effective in real dangerous situations where your street survival is on the line.

Our combat self defense training is highly effective, if encountering street dangerous situations. Our knife or gun disarming training focuses on fundamental stand up striking and sparring techniques. We teach you how to fight in close range hand to hand combat.

Knife Attack Disarming And Self-Defense Techniques

Join Our Self-Defense Workshop With Master Mehrdad!

Self Defense Combat Workshop

Muay Thai Knee Strikes Self Defense Promo

Sign Up Now for Intensive 8 Weeks Program: $499.00

STRYKERZ Combat Self Defense


STRYKERZ Combat Self Defense – In the world of self defense, the only thing that matters is your life and survival! The only thing that will protect you is the self defense knowledge and training how to protect yourself.

Our self defense program is very intense with 4 days a week training schedules for 8 weeks. We offer personal training. Contact us for details:

STRYKERZ Combat Self-Defense Training Includes:

  • 4 days a week Self-Defense Work Shop training for 8 weeks
  • Survival Skills
  • Close hand to hand Combat Self Defense
  • Elbow Strikes and Drills
  • Escapes Techniques (Hap-Ki-Do Advance Movements)
  • Self defense Against Rear Attack Techniques
  • Self defense Against Ground Attack Techniques
  • Ground Fighting
  • Judo and Wrestling Throws
  • Learn effective throwing techniques.
  • Striking Techniques
  • Strength Training Drills
  • Confidence
  • Psychology of Defense & Meditation
  • Stranger Awareness
  • STRYKERZ®T-Shirt
  • Graduation Certificate
  • STRYKERZ® COMBAT Self Defense Training video on YouTube.
  • 1 Day Survival Camps & STRYKERZ® COMBAT” For Kids also available.

Hap-Ki-Do Knife Attack

Female Muay Thai Fighter Body and Abs Conditioning

MKM Shin Do Kumate WSDKA Strykerz Strykerz Fighting For Children