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The Secret to a Powerful Shin Kick For MMA Fighter Part 1 By: Master Mehrdad

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The Secret To A Powerful Shin Kick For MMA Fighter Part 1 By: Master Mehrdad a Pro Muay Thai Fighter with over 40 years of experience

He introduces the most effective and basic training secret to learn the most powerful shin-kicking skills in Muay Thai . This is a great instructional video for MMA fighters, Muay Thai fighters for shin conditioning and those are interested to learn the proper kicking technique to enter MMA cage fights and kickboxing tournament, or any fighters that wants to enhance their knowledge about proper striking skills. This instructional video about the secret to a powerful shin kick is also the perfect training video for wrestler who crossing to mma fight and interested to learn how to throw proper shin kick. This is the first level for beginner fighter and shows the proper foot works, how to work with Muay Thai heavy bag and what part of the shin bone to use to deliver a powerful leg kick and more.

Please remember for beginner, you have to practice all these basic kicking and striking moves on heavy bag at least 150 to 300 times a day for 5 days a week to master the secret to a powerful shin kick. For advance fighter 1000 times a day each leg or more! Please make sure to do a light stretch before any session and longer muscle elongation after each training. Don’t do these exercise if you have any injury.