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Strykerz KidFit Martial Arts Summer Camp Program

Pre-Teen Martial Arts (Age 11-16)

Pre-Teen Martial Arts and Teens Self-defense training program in Clearwater, Fl – Our program focuses on confidence, self-assurance, discipline and respect are a few of the qualities Martial Artists possess and cultivate, which is why it can be an invaluable resource to preteens and teens.

In today’s society both girls and boys are being taught a multitude of viewpoints and values that can hinder their growth to become productive members of society. It seems every media outlet emphasizes the importance of outward beauty and appearances, but minimize the importance of inner strength. This can make many children between the ages 11-16 highly susceptible to having misguided core values. For developing girls the middle school and high school years can make them very self-conscious and expose them to an increased measure of peer pressure.

Preteens Martial Arts Classes

Pre-Teens Martial Arts Classes in St. PeteMartial Arts Teens Program

Martial Arts Teens program in Clearwater, Fl

Pre-Teen Martial Arts and teen fitness classes in Clearwater, Fl. Master Mehrdad’s training philosophy is rooted from the traditions of an old school training concept, with over four decades of training under the greatest Martial Arts grandmasters from the Far East. As a father himself he understands the need for teens to be active and have a disciplined sport to guiding them as they go through life.

If you are a parent looking for true traditional Martial Arts or Muay Thai training for your pre-teen and teenage children you would like your child to learn from Master Mehrdad.

Ten Years of Leila’s Martial Arts Journey

Leila’s View about Martial Arts benefits and her upcoming brown belt test. Great inspiring video for parents to see!! I have been doing Martial Arts the Arts of Shin Do Kumate which stem from Kong Shin Bup Hapkido, Kung Fu and Muay Thai after 10 years the journey just began.

Checkout What an 11 Year Old Has to Say About Commercial Martial Arts

Alina giving short and sweet interview about her upcoming Martial Arts brown belt test after 6 years of hard work and dedication. She gives her opinion about those who get their black belt after couple year of training!! Master Mehrdad extremely proud of Alina for her perseverance after all these years. Shin Do Kumate Brown belt test require tremendous physical fitness and endurance to be able to earn their brown belt.

Leila is doing Thai Pad drills with her father for her brown belt test, she has been training martial arts and Muay Thai for 10 years

Pre-Teen Martial Arts And Teens Activities

Our Program is very positive for teens who seeking to learn practical self defense and traditional Martial Arts before going to collage. Our Kung Fu and Hapkido Preteen Martial Arts classes is designed to teach students the true Martial Arts and also get them in best shape at the same time.

These classes are conduct by Soudabah Moayedi, 2nd Degree Black Belt and Muay Thai amateur champion, who has been training under her father since 1998. Preteen students also taught by other high ranking Black Belts instructors in Hap-Ki-Do.

Our Hapkido, Kung Fu training for teens, preteens consist of: Authentic Hapkido defense techniques, Kung-Fu forms, striking drills, martial arts weapons training, grappling with a strong emphasis on effective techniques. All belts are earned by dedication, passion, and hard work.

Pre-teen Martial Arts

Teen Kickboxing and Martial Arts in Clearwater, Fl

Fitness Training Routines For Pre-teens & Teens

Our Pre-teens Martial Arts and teen fitness training program include push ups, core abs training, extensive yoga stretching, meditation, squats and Interval training.

On Monday we focus on Muay Thai kickboxing techniques, Wednesday the teens are drilled on the following. Martial Arts forms, meditation, and their proper Kung-Fu stances. Guards, are trained as well as Hap-Ki-Do self-Defense and joint lock techniques. Friday is a day all about cardio. The teens go six rounds of jump roping, three to five rounds of heavy bag training.

Teens Martial Arts And Muay Thai Classes

Pre-teens and teen martial arts activity in St. Pete, Fl

Muay Thai training for kids and preteens is one of the best way to get your teenage very active. They will develop confidence, self-esteem and learn the most effective self-defense form.