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Self Defense - Gun, Knife Attack, and More

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation Asana by Master Mehrdad. At the young age of 14, I suffered from a spinal vertebrae injury and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was introduced to Yoga as a way to increase circulation and in hopes of relieving my chronic pain. With Yoga and a change in diet, I was able to completely heal […]

I Believe as a Martial Arts Master

I believe as a Martial Arts Master who has devoted my time to the study of martial arts and the far eastern culture for over four decades is that in order for anyone to understand the science behind Hap-Ki-Do and to become a great practitioner of this beautiful Art, they have to first understand the […]


Hapkido – Hap means bringing together, gathering, or harmonizing, “Ki” is the energy or life force in the body that connects the mind and body as one, and “Do” is the process or way this happens. Master Mehrdad’s definition of Hapkido is, “The way of harmonizing the mind, body and spirit through the utilization of […]

Muay Thai Training Dedication – Master Mehrdad’s Teaching Concept

Muay Thai Training Dedication – Muay Thai is not a fitness class for weight loss, or some crossfit training, and it is defiantly not a fad. The Art of eight limbs has been around for thousand of years and originally rooted back from the far east, eastern and north-Asia, the Persian empire, Indian Martial Arts […]

Benefits of After School Program

Benefits of After School Program With so many options available for After School care it can be difficult to decide upon the right program for your child. We understand parents work full time jobs while trying to balance taking care of their children and providing them with the best tools for success. Our After School […]

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