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Hapkido And Kung Fu Philosophy

Kong Shin Bup Hap – Ki – Do
Hap – (Combined / Total) – Ki – Do (Way of Path)

Hapkido & Kung Fu PhilosophyMaster Mehrdad believes that in order for one to achieve a proper flowing Hapkido technique, one must understand three very important principles of Hapkido Philosophy .  Those principals are (1) Passive: Non-resistant.  Do not oppose force; instead yield to it. Then deflect the attack and control the assailant. (2) Circular Motion: Evasive and avoids force; while striking or countering apply constant pressure in a curved path because efficiency drops if a technique travels straight to the target then stops and is retracted; and (3) Water, which penetrates and is very powerful, but can also be very calm.  This principle is penetrating the opponent’s defense, just as water penetrates soil or rock.

Hapkido-Samurai Sword - Hapkido And Kung Fu PhilosophyToday, there are many forms of Martial Art self defense techniques, but you’ll find that only certain parts of the body and certain techniques are used.  Most martial arts practice limited self-defense techniques and do not uses complete combat styles.

Master Mehrdad’s Hapkido teaching form utilizes the entire body in a flowing and dynamic manner.  His style of Hapkido is powerful in self defense and combative fighting technique.   It is a combination of dynamic, explosive and flowing body movements that can penetrate and conquer anything.  It allows complete awareness of the body, mind and spirit.  Hapkido uses counter-attack techniques with a variety of offensive and defensive skills based upon understanding one’s inner power (Life Force) and outer power (physical Ki).

The most important and basic advantage of Shin Do Kumaté -Hapkido© is that you are able to knock down or defeat your opponent with minimum effort, because you use the attackers force against them.

Master Mehrdad’s Hapkido training uses:

  • Thousands self-defense techniques
  • Competitive and practical full contact fighting skills
  • Art of Kicking and Punching as combination
  • Grappling, throwing, chokes, pressure points and ground fighting
  • Persian Kushti Kaj
  • Martial Arts Weapon Training
  • Martial arts philosophy
  • Physical fitness – Physical, mental & spiritual achievement

Master Mehrdad was born a visionary and formed his own comprehensive training regimen at the young age of 11.  His extensive training included combined workouts that were not practiced in that era and were unheard of.

 Hapkido Forms – Ritual Meaning of Martial Art FormsHapkido Pinellas

 Blocking Kata
Wai Ki – Hapkido Hard Form:  The way of external force
Nai Ki – Hapkido Soft Circle Form:  The way of internal force
Ki Do – Hapkido Soft and Hard Gong Form:  The way of internal & external force combined.
Ki Hap Hard Gong – Hard Breathing Form:  An external form strengthened by developing Ki in muscle.
Ying Gong:  Hapkido Long Bow Staff Form

Master Mehrdad’s Unique Kung Fu Philosophy

Shin Do Kumaté® Kung Fu

Hapkido and Kung Fu Master Mehrdad’s Shin Do Kumaté Kung Fu form has three parts, mental, physical and spiritual in its art as well as many other branches that you will discover as you progress.  Master Mehrdad’s Kung Fu style emphasizes techniques and movements for legs (includes eastern Thai Boxing), hands (including intense western boxing), elbow strikes, self-defense, pressure points, throwing, chokes, joint manipulation, and all aspects of close range fighting.  You also learn internal breathing and practical short and long forms, as well as weapons (forms are the soul of Kung Fu).  Weapon training is like demonstrative form or combative form.  Master Mehrdad stresses an intense Shin Do Kumaté Thai boxing in all his teachings, conditioning, and so on.  Master Mehrdad believes forms express the Shaolin and Martial Arts respect for the beauty of the universe, the spirit of the animals, and a search for inner harmony.  Ch Kung Philosophy - Hapkido And Kung Fu PhilosophyWhen a person trains in the forms, he is training in the basics of physical endurance, speed, strength, flexibility, concentration and attitude.

Ancient Hapkido – Shaolin Kung-Fu Philosophy


Kung Fu Forms – Ritual Meaning of Martial Art Forms
Shaolin Wai Kung:  Soft and hard Kung – level 1
Shaolin Five Animal Wai Kung: Circle soft Kung – level 2
Shaolin Hard Kung: Breathing Form / Four directions
Shaolin Five Animal Nie Kung: Soft and hard
Shaolin Blocking & Striking
Shaolin Long Bow Staff Form: Ying Kung

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