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Largo Martial Arts School – Hapkido And Kung Fu Black Belt Test

Largo Martial Arts School conducted a 2nd degree and 3rd Dan black belt test for Hapkido, Kung Fu arts and Muay Thai techniques on Saturday Feb, 18th / 2017. I was honored to test Ronald, Jason for 2nd Dan and Robert again for his 3rd Dan Black Belt certification.

I have seen their hard work and commitment as a true Martial Artists throughout the years. The test was not easy, they had to run 4 miles, 200 straight push ups, 100 squats, 200 jumping jacks, 100 high rise kicks with each leg along with other Muay Thai kicks on the heavy bag, 10 minutes horse stance, 100 jumping knees, Muay Thai sparring and Hapkido open hand sparring and grappling with multiple black belt opponents and all their martial arts forms, weapons, self defense and more.

I would like to say, it is my honor to have amazing students. Continue help them through this beautiful journey. “Master Mehrdad” OSU!

Learn About Our Black Belts Student

We are a Traditional Black Belt Martial Arts Dojang

Producing Top Black Belts and Most Powerful Martial Arts School Since 1992!

Ron began training in martial arts at the age of 11.  As a judo practitioner he earned the rank of green belt, while training at the Tohoku Judo Club in Cambridge, MA.  During this time he competed and placed 2nd and 3rd in numerous local state also regional championship tournaments throughout New England.

Ron remained physically active and worked out regularly throughout his adult life. He reunited with his passion for martial arts again in 2011. When he began training in Hapkido, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai under Master Mehrdad’s supervision.

He received his 2nd Degree black belt in Hapkido certification and art of Shin Do Kumate in Feb/18/2017. Ron is very experience in Kong Shin Bup Hapkido Joint locks and throws techniques. He has tremendous passion for Martial Arts weapons such as Bo Staff, Nunchucks, Korean Sword (Katana), and Martial Arts Kata.

Jason Robinson 2nd Den Hapkido – Member Since 2013

Jason began training in Martial Arts Hapkido, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai under Master Mehrdad supervision since 2013 to present. Jason receive his 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kong Shin Bup Hapkido and Art Of Shin Do Kumate on Feb 18th / 2017. He is very experience in Muay Thai sparring, has a lot of passion for Martial Arts weapons such as Bo Staff, Nunchucks, and Martial Arts Kata forms.


Robert Smida Hapkido Black belt

Robert Smida – 2nd Dan Blackbelt – Member Since 2009

Robert began training Karate Shotokan when he was fourteen years old in his hometown in Czech Republic, after three years of hard training, he earned green belt. He continued intensive self-training in Martial Arts and Bodybuilding until 1998.

When he arrived to United States, he was practicing Okinawa Karate in Saint Petersburg, Florida for about one year. Then Robert began training American Tae Kwon Do at the Superkicks under Master Ron Schnell. Eventually, he was introduced to Master Mehrdad Moayedi Martial Arts Dojo in 2009, he then began his journey and passion for traditional Hapkido and Kung Fu training.

He was also introduced by Master Mehrdad to Art of Shin Do Kumate also Muay Thai striking skills. Robert began recognize the beauty of Muay Thai striking power and importance of blending this to his martial arts training. Robert receive his 3rd Dan Kong Shin Bup Hapkido and Art of Shin Do Kumate certification in 02/18/2017.

Hapkido And Kung Fu Black Belt Test

100 High Rise Kick Each Leg

200 Straight Push Up

Largo Martial Arts Fast Nunchucks Drills

Largo Martial Arts – Double Nunchucks Techniques and Drills

Hapkido Dan Bong Short Stick Fight – Martial Arts

Knife Attack Disarming and Defense Techniques

Largo Martial Arts Black Belt Test – Striking

Quick Gun Defense and Disarming Self-Defense

Short Katana Sword Move – Hapkido

Basic Martial Arts Bo Staff Drills

Hapkido Knife Attack Defense

Knife Disarming With Striking Techniques

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