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A Passionate Martial Arts Instructor

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Strykerz KidFit After School Program

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Martial Arts for Children: Honor, Respect, & Dedication

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The Benefits of Muay Thai Training for Women

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Hap-Ki-Do - Discover the Power within Yourself

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Master Mehrdad's Black Belt Graduates

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Strykerz KidFit Martial Arts Summer Camp Program

Kids Martial Arts Classes

A Passionate Martial Art Instructor Soudabah Moayedi Black Belt in Hapkido

Karate After School - St. Pete

Kids Martial Arts Classes, we have a meet and greet by appointment only. Our classes are conducted in small group, this allow our instructor optimize their teaching and take the time that each student deserves.

Kids Martial Arts Classes and children self defense focus on proper and authentic Hapkido & Kung Fu. With emphasis on effective techniques, as well as an understanding of genuine honor and respect for the arts. Karate for kids, peers, and instructors. As our creed of teaching no fee will buy a belt in this private Martial Arts Institution. Students here are invited to test by their instructors when they are ready. All belts are earned by dedication, passion, and hard work.

St. Pete Kids Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai for kids in Clearwater, Florida

Children studying traditional Martial Arts can earn a black belt in approximately about five to eight years of continuous hard training, dedication, perfect techniques and skills. However, children under the age of 16 years old are often awarded a “Junior Black belt.” Junior Black belt is awarded to dedicated and passionate student who have spent many years of training; however, is one level below the official Black belt ranking.



Muay Thai Leg Kick – Leila Kicking The Pad

Kickboxing For Kids

Boxing For Kids in Clearwater, FL

St. Pete Kids Martial Arts & Muay Thai Training

Martial Art Demonstration at Shore Acre Elementary in St. Pete, Fl

Martial Art Demonstration at Shore Acre ElementaryKids Martial Arts Classes - Honor, Respect, Loyalty

Kids Martial Arts Classes & After School Pickup

Kids Martial Arts Classes - DedicationMaster Mehrdad’s kids Martial Arts classes, Muay Thai & Fitness is located in the Clearwater/St.Pete area. Master Mehrdad who has been practicing Martial Arts for over 40 years has dedicated his life to the teaching of the ancient art. As a father himself he saw the power Martial Arts gave his three daughters to stand up to their fears no matter the obstacles that life threw at them. The same philosophy that impacted his younger years and his daughters he extends to any child who walks through his doors. He has built a strong foundation and strong team that has plans to lead the next generation of thinkers and world leaders into a more brighter future.

Martial Art Training in Clearwater, FL


Kids training and empowerment Studies show that children who practice Martial Arts and participate in After School programs increase their level of focus and concentration, excel in school, and do very well in other sports.  The structured Martial Arts environment in our Clearwater/St. Pete school offers important life lessons in honor, respect and discipline that many children won’t find in school or other team sports.

Motivation and Determination at Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts

The children of Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts, Muay Thai & Fitness walk through our doors not understanding how toMaster Mehrdad Kids Martial Arts do a basic push up and after a few months are able to do at the minimum 25, for a young child of eight or nine that is an amazing accomplishment that encourages them to do more the next class.The word “no” is not in our vocabulary no matter the size or the age the instructors of Master Mehrdad’s believe that with a little bit of effort and someone to guide them they are able to accomplish anything they put their minds too.

The memorization required to learn Martial Arts forms and Hap-Ki-Do techniques increases their ability to focus, and these lessons once learned extend into other parts of their lives. Muay Thai challenges them to face their fears and gives children the confidence to handle a situation in which they would have to defend themselves.

Cultivating a Positive Environment for Children

Flexibility & Yoga Posture is the most essential part of Kid's Martial Arts training

Here at Master Mehrdad’s kids Martial Arts classes, Muay Thai, & Fitness we understand that your children are the next generation of thinkers, doctors, scientist, and world leaders. Children are our future and it is important to cultivate positive habits from a young age so they have the best chances for success. We help children develop and enhance their attentiveness, self-discipline and confidence which in turn helps them excel in other areas of their life.  Many studies have shown that children involved in structured extracurricular activities also tend to excel better in school and with socialization.

Muay Thai Classes For Kids

It is our goal and hope that through a fun and active Martial Arts program we can take each child to the next level and create an adult that is able to stand up for their ideals and beliefs in a world that is constantly trying to fit them into one mold.

karate classes st petersburg fl for Kids

Hap-Ki-Do – Kung Fu For Kids and Pre-Teens Martial Arts

Healthy Foods To Help Kids Grow Strong

Clearwater Kids Martial Arts Bo Staff Weapons Fighting

Kids Self Defense in St. Pete, Fl – Carlie Brucci Story with Channel 10 In 2004

St. Pete After School Martial Arts Program For Kids

After School Child Care Martial Arts Program

After School Program Martial Arts in Clearwater, FL

Martial Arts KidFit

Master Mehrdad with his daughter, Leila, helping her father with Martial Arts teaching“As I watched them evolve from the young age of seven training and competing in the ring  Art and Muay Thai tournaments and winning all of the matches against other fighters/competitors who were ten years and older than them I knew I had made the right choice of giving them the same traditional Martial Art background that I received as a child. Soudabah & Shahnaz have been training in Martial Arts and fighting in Muay Thai from a very young age.Today in the dojo they are one of the best Martial Art experts and Muay Thai fighters in their teenage years, and they are well accomplished in the dojo as well as with their education and making positive decisions for their life. Soudabah's 1st Muay Thai Title Championship For Florida at the age of 13I can assure you as a father they would not be the strong adults they are today if it was not for the confidence Martial Arts gave them.”

For the past 19 years Master Mehrdad has held his ground to focus his teaching on a traditional basis and is viewed as the mentor and father figure in many children’s lives. Shahnaz Moayedi, at the age of 6, with her father winning 6 fights in 1 night in Muay Thai Tournament Style fighting. His traditional teaching is what some children need and a tool for a parent struggling to give their child the push in the right direction they need.

Child Development and Martial Arts

Master Mehrdad doesn’t believe in pushing each child through the ranks each month, but rather on motivating children to advance when they are ready. Every child is different and learns and develops at different rates. So a positive and motivating environment is key for each child to reach their maximum potential.

He understands each child will become a strong Martial Artist such as (karate classes for kids) in his or her own time and allows each child to grow at their own pace. You won’t see anyone below the age of 18 with a black belt around their waist.

Yoga For Kids – Emphasizes Balance And Focus

St. Pete_Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga Schedule

Kids Martial Arts Testing For Kicking Techniques in Clearwater, Fl

Tampa Bay-Fight techniques and Sparring Class

Kids Martial Arts Classes

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