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Kickboxing and Fitness Classes in Clearwater

 Kickboxing and Fitness Classes in Clearwater, FL

Kickboxing For Women in Clearwater, Fl

Kickboxing classes with Master Mehrdad is the best method for losing weight while still learning the proper techniques and skills of kickboxing. Learn the skills of kickboxing and Muay Thai while having fun in a positive environment. Kickboxing classes in Clearwater teaches real kickboxing techniques. Therefore, it also teaches skills and makes you train like a true kickboxing champion. In addition, the class is lead by Master Mehrdad, a Professional Heavyweight Title Champion fighter. He is also an 8th Dan Black-belt Martial Artist. Furthermore, he has a team of advance kickboxing students and fighter. The students are Eric Brown and Soudabah Moayedi. In conclusion, you will find that this is not your typical fitness kickboxing classes offered at franchise fitness centers or regular workout gym.

Lunch Kickboxing Classes in Clearwater, Florida

Kickboxing in St. Pete, Florida

Kickboxing classes In Clearwater, Fl - Amy has been a student for over three years to present and has reached her full potential, demonstrating her flying knee kicks.

Meredith Walusek with wild 94.1, Says I love the challenge that I Learn from kickboxing classes with master mehrdadKickboxing Classes in Clearwater program offers training by a Kickboxing professional fighter. Therefore, is designed to get you in the best fitness shape of your life. In addition, it teaches you proper & different kicks, boxing striking techniques, focus pad drills training, focus mitt drills and Muay Thai striking techniques. Therefore, kickboxing builds both strength, stamina, make your muscle lean and  is a very powerful workout, if done correctly with focus and real trainer/fighter. Here Master Mehrdad and his advance certified Kickboxing instructor pushes you to your limit, guides you to make sure your technique is precise, and individually monitors every single student during the workout.

Burn thousands of calories through kickboxing workout and focus mitt trainingThe kickboxing class is upbeat, challenging and fun. As a result, music is implemented in this exciting workout. In addition, each session end with Master Mehrdad’s traditional Yoga training and meditation. If you are seeking a challenging workout program with result and a personal attention, then this workout program is for you!

Kickboxing Workout in Clearwater, Fl

The Kickboxing Training Breakdown

12 Rounds One-on-One Kickboxing at Master Mehrdad Martial Arts in St. Pete, FL

Eric wins his Muay Thai Classic Championship.

Kickboxing Training uses a combination of body-weight exercises and martial arts techniques. It also uses specific boxing and Muay Thai technique that will strengthen and condition your body.

After a brief 15-minute stretching warm-up, the following is an example of a workout:

  • Rounds 1-3: Jump Rope with body weight squats in between rounds
  • 4-6: Strength and Conditioning or Stationary Kicks/Shadow Boxing
  • Rounds 7-9: Heavy Bags/Focus Mitts/ Thai Pads
  • 10-12:  Kettle Bell, Abdominal/Core Exercises

Finishing with a 5 minute stretching cool-down and yoga, will immediately give you a positive feeling. Consequently, you accomplished something but also you made a difference in yourself. Therefore, this will help achieve your goals physically, mental and emotionally. You also gain confidence in yourself and truly start to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Knee Strikes - Muay Thai Training With master mehrdad

Don’t Have Back Pain Anymore And Very Flexible

Thomas use to have a lot of back pain and was not able to touch his toes. Therefore, after 5 month of Yoga classes and Muay Thai training with Master Mehrdad, he is now very flexible, physically very stronger and more confidence.

Muay Thai  Conditioning Drills

Kickboxing Training And Classes

Clearwater Fitness – build strong legs without weights

Powerful Female Muay Thai Pad drills Techniques Training

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