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Hapkido Belt Testing And Muay Thai Sparring

Hapkido Belt Testing And Muay Thai Sparring!

This was a red belt test for Kong Shin Bup Hapkido, students also need it to show their skills for Muay Thai striking techniques and sparring skills. Master Mehrdad also tested the student on their stamina and physical conditioning for 80 push up, 90 squat, 6 minutes horse stance, running, flexibility, mental strength  and more. This was 3 hour test in total, Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts Dojo is extremely honor to have such a dedicated and hard working Martial Artist to train under his systems.

Muay Thai Sparring in St. Pete, Fl and Martial Arts Belt Test

Jason – I can honestly say that this test was one of the most difficult things I have done. The time and preparation it takes to reach that point combined with the mental, physical, and spiritual strength needed to push yourself through is unlike any other situation you may encounter in life.

Jason -Hapkido Red belt rankMy martial arts journey began as something to do to help me get back into shape. I have been an athlete most of my life and became accustomed to a certain level of fitness. Since my football and track days are behind me, I looked to martial arts to fill that space. Beginning my training with Master Mehrdad, I quickly learned that there is so much more to it.


Martial arts is a journey, it is a way of life, and it has become apart of who I am. To me, belt tests don’t just test your knowledge or skill. Belt tests truly show who you are and what you have inside of you.

This test took place during one of the hardest times in my life. The recent passing of my great grandmother and a car accident that I was in gave me more than enough to not follow through with the test. I was already being pushed to the limit physically,  mentally, and emotionally. Following through and deciding to test with my classmates was one of the best decisions I have made. It really truly showed me what I was made of. It showed me that no matter what may be going on in your life and no matter how much you may think there is nothing left, to keep fighting! Life doesn’t stop so neither should you!

Hapkido Gi throwing techniquesThe feeling of passing this test was indescribable. Its not just an accomplishment in martial arts, its an accomplishment in life! To say that I am a red belt comes with great pride and I can’t imagine having a better teacher or a better group to be apart of!


Ronald – Before becoming a student of Master Mehrdad in 2011, I was not only in poor physical condition, but I also lacked focus and an outlet for every day stress, all of which were affecting me, both personally and professionally.

Hapkido Gi Self Defense in Clearwater, FLI can remember thinking back to a time in my youth when I studied Judo at the Tohoku Judo Club in Somerville, MA.  I recalled how the structure and training helped me focus, improved my confidence, changed the way I viewed the world around me.  I knew that I needed to rejoin the world of traditional martial arts to find that which I had lost.  It was a mere few days later, when I visited Master Mehrdad in his Feather Sound Martial Arts Dojo to learn about his school.

It is now four years later, and I have earned the rank of red belt in Master Mehrdad’s art of Shin Do Kumate which is his unique fighting system that draws inspiration from Shaolin Kung Fu, Kong Shin Bup Hapkido, Muay Thai, and other traditional martial arts. Each belt test is designed to build upon the previous.  Students are required to demonstrate a combination of physical strength, endurance, and technical ability in a variety of Muay Thai, Hapkido, Kung Fu, and Judo/grappling techniques.

ThKung Fu Horse Stance Test For 6 minutese test for the rank of red belt is unique, in that, it designed specifically to prepare students for the advanced brown and black belt tests and therefore challenges the student’s physical and mental endurance as they demonstrate their technical abilities as a martial artist.  This was evidenced by the pace and duration of the red belt test.  In under 3 hours, we ran 1.5 miles, demonstrated Muay Thai kick boxing techniques on the long bag (full power and speed), participated in 6 rounds of Muay Thai sparring, demonstrated grappling, Judo (throws), and choke/submission techniques as well as over 55 Hapkido self-defense techniques, Kung Fu blocking, striking, kicking and five animal techniques, and finally a combination of 10 armed (Bo staff and nunchaku) and unarmed forms (taolu).  All of this was followed by a physical test consisting of a 6 minute horse stance and 500 repetitions of calisthenic exercises designed to push the limits of strength and endurance at the end of what had already been a long, arduous test.

I was confident in my mental and physical preparation leading up to the test, but this didn’t make the test any easier.  Master Mehrdad teaches you to push yourself beyond your limits to achieve things you would not have thought possible.  This is the true test of your spirit (shen), mind and body. Studying traditional martial arts under Master Mehrdad and along side so many wonderful students who help and support each other, is truly an honor.

Tiffany – Four years ago I began practicing martial arts and Muay Thai with Master Mehrdad to learn how to defend myself if I was ever attacked, which unfortunately is something most women have to think about in today’s world. I am so grateful to be learning from the best, Master Mehrdad, and all of his students who are so willing to teach me new skills. We learn from each other, and support one another in becoming better martial artists.

Hapkido and Judo Throws For Belt TestingThe Hapkido red belt test was physically challenging and a real test for my mental strength as well. Physically, I sparred two guys much bigger than me, did 80 unbroken push-ups, 90 squats and 200 jumping jacks just to name a few. Mentally I was challenged on how I would respond when I FORGOT some of the self-defense moves during the test. I was devastated and so disappointed in myself, but I was determined to push through. On the brink of crying out of frustration, I held back my tears and dominated the strength test.

Woman Martial Arts Belt Testing Challenge for 3 hourSome might say forgetting something, or not testing perfectly is bad, but it’s really what you do with the experience that is the test. Do you get frustrated and quit or do you push forward and work your butt off to become better and improve? I’ll be pushing forward to improve…


Clearwater Muay Thai Training at Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts and Fitness Facility. For women self-defense, street defense, Sparring classes and combat training as well as traditional martial arts Hapkido and Kung Fu. Tiffany has been training for four years in Martial Arts (Hap-Ki-Do), Muay Thai and strength training for building muscle.

Push Up Strength Testing For Hapkido Red Belt Test at Master Mehrdad’s Hapkido and Kung Fu School in Clearwater, Florida. Woman Martial Artist doing 80 push ups during her fitness physical test. Master Mehrdad’s Fitness Facility offer great martial arts, self defense  and strength training for women and men.

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