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Hand to Hand Self Defense Technique By: Master Mehrdad

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Hand to Hand Self Defense By: Master Mehrdad

Hand to hand joint locks and arm breaking techniques makes this a powerful self-defense video training for anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves with empty hand on the street. These fighting techniques for men and women of all sizes and age by using Muay Thai elbow strikes, Hapkido joint lock and other Martial Arts open hand striking force to break down your assailant who is coming towards you with a knife or about to strike you. This video about fighting techniques using your knees and elbows in tight dangerous situation. Master Mehrdad believe to execute proper and effective strikes against someone bigger than you, it is not about the size rather knowing  the most effective basic striking techniques.

Hand to Hand Self Defense

Hand to hand self defense fighting techniques, also known as close range combat may be your only option in dangerous time. Knowing a few basic important fighting techniques can help you survive an attack without getting seriously hurt or safe your life. knowledge of Muay Thai strikes and basic Hapkido fighting techniques are the most powerful and effective self-defense arts that you need to know. I have been training Martial Arts all my life for past 40 years and I have been in the ring fighting with some of the top fighters from  around world. Now I am sharing with you in this video some of the basic strikes moves that make sense against assailant who is about to hurt you.

This is a great instructional video for law enforcement and police officer, who always facing dangerous situation on their duty. Please note: To order for someone be able to execute all of these striking and joint locks movements properly. Need to practice everyday on heavy bag or with partner for one hour or more on daily basis.