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Strykerz KidFit After School Program

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Be Ready For Any Attack - Women Self Defense Training

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12 Weeks body Transformation Challenge

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Martial Arts for Children: Honor, Respect, & Dedication

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Kickboxing: Train like a Champion

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The Benefits of Muay Thai Training for Women

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Hap-Ki-Do - Discover the Power within Yourself

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Yoga Science of body, Mind, and Spirit

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Master Mehrdad's Black Belt Graduates

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Strykerz KidFit Martial Arts Summer Camp Program

Martial Arts Fitness and Fight Videos

Great American Teach In

Master Mehrdad has been involve with Great American Teach In since 1994.

Most effective self defense techniques Video to Disarm a Gunman with Hapkido fighting moves.

Martial Arts Fitness and Fight Videos

Boxing & Kickboxing with speed drills, Strength training and heavy bag workout Videos routine for Fitness kickboxing class.

Martial Arts Fitness and Fight Videos

Health, Fitness training and Weight Loss Videos – Body Transformation Workout Videos by Master Mehrdad. Real workout by dedicated students and true Master.

Muay Thai Fight

Self Defense Workshop, Martial Arts Seminars, Health and Fitness Training Videos.

Fight Techniques

Kids Martial Arts training videos, Kickboxing Sparring Class and Kid Self-defense Program. Adult Muay Thai and fighting techniques videos for MMA students in St. Pete, Fl.

heavy bag workout by 3 year old

kids Martial Arts, Hapkido Self-defense and Muay Thai classes at Clearwater, FL

Videos of Hardcore fitness, kickboxing, Boot Camp workout, and strength training with Bosu Ball for weight loss and Muay Thai fighters.

Martial Arts Fitness and Fight Videos – Fighters and martial arts student training their abs and conditioning their body in Muay Thai fighter class.

Martial Arts Fitness and Fight Videos – Muay Thai strength and conditioning classes for fighter with Master Mehrdad’s fight camp.

Muay Thai Training at our Gym Getting Your Body in Fighting Condition

Pinellas Muay Thai Training Gym For Amateur and Pro Fighters

Muay Thai Kickboxing Tournament

Muay Thai and Kickboxing Tournament fighter Videos in St. Pete, and Tampa Bay Florida.

Muay Thai - Master Mehrdad's Muay Thai Classic XXI

Muay Thai Fight Videos – Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Classic Events and Promotions

Shahnaz Moayedi vs. Denise Jacob at Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Classic XVIII

The Fight – Shahnaz Moayedi vs. Denise Jacob at Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Classic XVIII

Fitness - Drop 10 Sizes in Two Months – 30 Body Transformation
Drop 10 sizes in two month with 30 Day Body Transformation by Master Mehrdad.

Fitness - Lost 20 Ibs. and gain a lot of muscle – 30 Body Transformation

Weight Lost – Drop 20 Ibs and gain muscle with juicing and 12 weeks boot-camp workout.

Watch Martial Art Belt Testing Videos, Karate demonstration and Hapkido Fight Videos

Kid’s show on ABC which hosted by Master Mehrdad as a Martial Arts master and mentor.

TV pilot for reality and Documentary Series on Master Mehrdad’s life and his children.

Soudabah and Shahnaz Moayedi

Soudabah and Shahnaz Moayedi, sisters Fighters are dominating Muay Thai society, while carrying on the family name.


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