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Traditional Yoga Meditation Clearwater

Modern Yoga vs. Traditional Yoga by Master Mehrdad

Master Mehrdad teaches traditional and spiritual Yoga on private session. He also incorporates Traditional Yoga as part of our workout programs into his Traditional Martial Arts, Strykerz Ultimate Fitness, Muay Thai fighters, fitness kickboxing, top professional athletes and more.

“Traditional yoga” has been taught orally, and there are unobtrusive subtleties among different genealogies and educators, gurus, and masters. Standards are normally imparted in sutra style, where brief blueprints are developed orally. In other words Yoga is an art not the posture.

Following the ancients teaching, Yoga is a complete and standard system, of which postures are a small, but useful part. However, postures are not the idea or values behind the teaching. The word “Yoga” referred to the whole, not merely one part, which is the postures, or Asanas. The main purpose of Yoga is spirituality.

The Factors in Modern Yoga

In the other hand Modern Yoga, most important factor is the posture and not the spirituality. It is true that posture plays a part in both types of yoga, but postures shouldn’t be the main goal. This creates a confusion and misleads people that want to learn the secrets of Traditional Yoga.

I am able to touch my toes after 4 Yoga classes

If you are looking to learn more about the secrets of Traditional Yoga by a master that experience Yoga throughout his entire life and has traveled the Far East and learned the deepest forms of Yoga by grandmasters and Gurus. This is your chance to learn the real aspects of Yoga such as the spiritual element, tapping into internal energy, awakening your power (Prana), gaining the best functions from your internal organs, working your core muscles, and strengthening your body.

If all these appeal to you, you are in the right place. Take control of your life and connect with your universal energy, and mother earth. With this teaching you can use your energy to heal your injuries and heal your ailments.

Yoga Meditation Clearwater

Yoga in this day and age you will find many fitness instructors acquiring Yoga certifications and becoming certified to teach in as little as 6 weeks.  You can find Yoga classes at your local recreation centers and fitness gyms, and many of the programs don’t typically teach the true elements of Yoga.

Master Mehrdad studied Yoga throughout his entire life and as he traveled the Far East and learned the deepest forms of Yoga by grandmasters and Yoga Gurus.  What you learn at our Yoga classes are the real aspects of Yoga which are about the spiritual element, tapping into internal energy, awakening your power (Prana), gaining the best functions from your internal organs, working your core muscles, and ultimately strengthening your body.

Yoga is about connecting to your universal energy and to mother earth.  Yoga is about combining the power of spirituality and strengthening yourself both physically and mentally.  Master Mehrdad teaches movements that can reverse injuries and heal ailments naturally.

Master Mehrdad living testimonial and Journey in Yoga

Yoga Hand Stand - Yoga Meditation ClearwaterMeredith Walusek says, we work core muscle and lower back muscle - Yoga Meditation ClearwaterMehrdad Khan Moayedi was introduced in Yoga as a young teenager due to unfortunate circumstances he faced at a very early age.  He always had a fascination for the ability to stretch and elongate the body and the acrobatic form.  From the age of four, he was always involved in Sports activities but at the young age of 6 he was diagnosed with Rheumatism.

He suffered a great deal of pain in his lower legs for many years and had to take weekly injections of penicillin, numerous medications, and weekly doctor visits. Everyone tried to keep him away from contact sports or any other sports activity while instilling the attitude of little to no hope of any long term improvement to his condition.

Throughout all of this, he remained with strong will power and still participated in competitive sports and Martial Arts.  Although painful, he never quit and as he grew older, he began to research cures for his illness.

Back Pain and Strong Lower Back Recovery by Master Mehrdad at Clearwater Yoga Studio

He began to understand that the human mind and body is much stronger that we can imagine.  At the age of 13, He was practically crippled, had a complete loss of flexibility and he suffered painful sciatic nerves, separation on his vertebrate and could not get up alone or stand up straight.  By the age of 14, he was introduced to Yoga and alternative cures by his first teacher, Mr. Hassen Vaghiey.  A holistic sports doctor, Dr. Paivandi, also encouraged Yoga to cure his pain.

He began his Yoga meditation revolution along with a strict diet and a unique strength training regimen that he developed himself through his curiosity and exploring in other forms of sports. As such, he followed Bruce lee’s training methods, Muhammad Ali’s boxing career, the greatest track runner, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s weigh training concept, Pele’s soccer training book, and most importantly of all he added hatha Yoga Asana (stretching) twice a day, every day, to his regime of working out.

Within one year of full determination, at the age of 14, all by himself, he recovered completely and even cured his Rheumatism.  He no longer needed shots, medicine, or doctor visits ever again.  He became healthier, stronger, and more flexible than ever and was able to get back into competitive sports again that he loves the most.

Health and Fitness-Secret to Strong Lower Back Recovery

About Traditional Yoga Meditation

Yogi Master Mehrdad with over 4 decades of experience. Yoga is the oldest science of life. Yoga can teach you to bring stress under control, not only at a physical level, but on a mental and spiritual level as well.  Today in our society, more than ever, people are faced with all sorts of stress and tension that is beyond their control.  Thousands upon thousands of people have turned to prescription drugs, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and alcohol to relieve these stresses. However, there is a much better way to find peace.

Our Yoga system emphasizes on balance, core workout, and strength. Since the second century B.C., a Yogi by the name of Patanjali formalized certain techniques and philosophies, which incorporate an inseparable link between the body, mind, and spirit. You can learn these eastern philosophies such as Yoga. These teachings show the importance of maintaining the balance of three elements: body, mind, and spirit.

If taught as a way of life, you can gain ultimate health and spiritual awakening through Yoga.

A Message from Master Mehrdad from the mountains of the Himalayas to the deepest parts of Egypt.  Many great yoga meditation Gurus also came from the heart of the Persian culture. Soofiisym, and Dervish (wise philosopher) were passed down to European and Western cultures throughout the centuries.  Mainly after world I and II this concept was migrated to other cultures such as America.

Health and Knee Pain-Secret to Strong Knee Recovery – Yoga Meditation

Yoga & the Power of Meditation. Master Mehrdad has endured 30 days of water and juice fasting.The physical body and basic stretching/elongation is only one aspect of health in Yoga philosophy, which you can easily find in today’s modern Yoga meditation studios around America, but the mind and spirit are just as important.  Fortunately, this kind of knowledge requires years of experience and supervision by a Master or Guru. You have to understand the power of internal energy (Prana) and how you can channel that energy through the Yoga movements or a Yogi teacher can be able to give that to their student by channeling his energy.

Western medicine has also begun to understand that the mind must heal first in order for the body to mend.  However, even with Western medicine beginning to understand this concept their approach is piece meal, whereas, Yoga integrates the science of mind, body, and spirit. The causes of disease are of two kinds: Internal imbalance in the psycho mental state and external response to changing atmospheric and climatic conditions. Yoga is a science of health, and most importantly, the balance of the body, mind, and spirit. The following elements are essential:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Proper Breathing
  3. Good Nutrition
  4. Positive Thinking and Meditation
  5. Better Connection with Spiritual Inner Being


Yoga Flexibility and Muscle Elongation

Traditional Yoga Meditation Clearwater


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