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Strykerz® Ultimate Fitness – The Body Transformation Challenge™

Strykerz® Ultimate Fitness– Body Transformation Challenge™

Transform Your Body, Mind & Spirit!

Body Transformation Challenge - Weight Loss  Body transformation challenge & Body Weight Training by using Master Mehrdad’s unique and untapped explosive training methods, this program is designed as a jump start to a lifestyle change and begins with a juice fasting to detox the body and awaken your mind spiritually because when your spirit comes to life you begin to care about your body more than the materials around you. Hand Stand Push Up & Calisthenics Training - Body Transformation Challenge

This program progresses into strength training using Kettle bells, Persian Meels, Persian push up Board “Iranian push up styles workout”,  Bosu Ball exercise routine, pull up and other unique fitness workout methods. Master Mehrdad’s traditional Yoga training and meditation it is also incorporated at the end of each training session. The natural nutrition diet regimen added to the physical training leaves your body completely rejuvenated from the inside out.

This program will help you reveal the healthier you with just 30 to 45 minutes of small private focus group sessions.  Continuing with the program, will ultimately get you in the best shape of your life using Master Mehrdad’s strength training fitness tools and plyometrics drills. Whether you’re out of shape or an experienced athlete, this program will change your life and start a new beginning.

What is Strykerz® Ultimate Fitness?

Strykerz Ultimate Fitness

Strykerz® Ultimate Fitness™ is a revolutionary fitness program designed by Master Mehrdad, an 8th Dan Black Belt and professional heavyweight fighter. His unique strength training methods focus on the human physique and the science behind transforming the body using explosive movements that quickly tone the body, increase strength and provides powerful stamina, agility and endurance.

About Master Mehrdad’s Training Methods

The type of training that Master Mehrdad teaches was historically available to traditional martial artist, Muay Thai fighters and professional athletes in foreign cultures such as sprint runners and wrestlers, and these methods are very new to America. Only recently new programs have become popular such as “Crossfit” and those types of programs certify instructors in a very short time, whereas Master Mehrdad’s program has taken a lifetime of training to perfect.


Strykerz Ultimate Fitness - Weight Loss Workout

Body Transformation Challenge Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:30 p.m.

About The Body Transformation Challenge

Body Transformation Challenge and Master Mehrdad’s Strykerz Ultimate Fitness training uses a scientific approach with fundamental roots from many centuries and he has taken years of experience from training with top fighters to achieve the Strykerz® Ultimate Fitness™ concept. This program offers a jumpstart to a whole new lifestyle and physical body change that begins with a fresh vegetable and fresh fruit juicing cleanse to detox the body, then progresses into strength training using Kettlebells, Persian PushSplit abd Flexability - Strykerz Ultimate Fitness Workout Up Board & Persian Meels (Indian Club), weight training using your own body weight and some martial arts training techniques. The natural nutrition regimen in conjunction with the physical training will leave your body completely rejuvenated from the inside out.

How Strykerz Ultimate Fitness Program  Will Help You

Strykerz® Ultimate Fitness™ program will help you reveal the fitter, healthier you with only 30 minute workout sessions. Continuing with the program will get you in the best shape of your life using Master Mehrdad’s unique strength and conditioning methods. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to get into the best shape of your life or an experienced athlete of any sport who needs to increase power, speed, stamina, flexibility or are searching for a workout that is more challenging, Strykerz® Ultimate Fitness will change your life and your views about fitness training.

Pull Ups For Nice Triceps And Back

Kckboxing classes in Clearwater, FL - Losing Weight

About Body Transformation Challenge

Strykerz® Ultimate Fitness. The body transformation challenge™ training program consists of 4 to 6 days per week training regimen and only 30 minute workouts that are highly effective. Side Plank Exercise For Core Muscle, St. Pete, Fl It is a concept Master Mehrdad developed after 42 years of being involved in a high intensity combative art and extreme sports.  Some of these maneuvers are very historical and of an ancient training system. Over the years, he developed a more modern concept that is anabolic plyometrics; an explosive muscle training that shocks the body with high rep training which builds strength, stamina, endurance, more energy and flexibility.  Within 30 to 90 days this program provides you with a quick-start to transform your body, health and mind as you venture into a new lifestyle of nutrition, a healthy body a well balanced mind and spiritual awakening.

Master Mehrdad and The Body Transformation Challenge

Master Mehrdad states about the Body Transformation Challenge “I strongly believe there is much confusion about how to properly exercise the body and the importance of proper nutrition.  As a fighter and Martial Artist, I had the honor of training with some of the greatest Masters, Grandmasters and Muay Thai trainers around the world and I can easily tell you that being in shape means to feel great, to be full of energy, and completely healthy from the inside out. Kettle Bell Training in Clearwater, Fl

It’s important to spiritually awaken yourself and understand that gaining muscle is vital to maintaining good health and a working metabolism.  You cannot go by the scale when training in my program and my students must dedicate themselves to a lifestyle change in order to succeed. 

You must let go of bad habits, bad food and any people or routines that may lead you back to those habits.  If you are ready to transform your body, you must mentally prepare yourself for this body transformation challenge and prepare to lose bad fat, gain new muscle, and become a new rejuvenated person.”



Fitness - Drop 10 Sizes in Two Months – 30 Body Transformation
Drop 10 sizes in two month with 30 Day Body Transformation by Master Mehrdad.
Fitness - Lost 20 Ibs. and gain a lot of muscle – 30 Body Transformation
Lost 20 Ibs. and gain a lot of muscle through juicing as well as training with Master Mehrdad.

Want to know more about our success stories, learn more here.


View 30 Day Body Transformation Weight Loss Results

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Strykerz Ultimate Fitness

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