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The Benefits of Muay Thai Training for Women

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Female Muay Thai Fighter Classes

The Benefits of Muay Thai for Female Fighter Classes

Female Muay Thai Fighter classes and training program are perfect for getting into you ultimate physical fitness shape, it will make you stronger mentally and spiritually. Muay Thai training through my teaching experience it gives a women a sense of empowerment, it can be very effective in one on one situation in deadly force. The other benefits of Muay Thai are great for the body and health.

Muay Thai develops excellent body conditioning. It tones your body, helps with weight loss, improved physical health and conditioning.  Training in Muay Thai teaches you how to handle your stress, gain more energy, increased self-discipline, and flexibility.

Front Kick Muay Thai Training For Women Largo

The advantage of Muay Thai training is the complete use of the entire muscle groups in your body, in comparison to other sports. This is achieve by proper traditional training under certified Muay Thai master.

Female Fighter - Muay Thai Knee Strike

Muay Thai Beginners Classes For women in Clearwater

Muay Thai History

Thai Boxing is known as “The Art of Eight Limbs”; It uses eight points of contact. Punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. If you want to learn more about Muay Thai history go here.

Female Muay Thai Fighters

About Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Fighter Program For Women

Our Muay Thai fighter training program is perfect for competitors, potential amateur and professional fighters, fitness enthusiasts, military training for combat purposes, female student who are seeking to become a fighter, and Muay Thai art is perfect for street combat self-defense. His training program schedule is on Monday at 6:30pm, Tuesday/Thursday at 6:30pm, Friday at 5:30pm. Sign up now for Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Female Fighter Program here.

Master Mehrdad started teaching the art of Muay Thai in Tampa Bay in 1992. He has help many female fighter pursue their fighting career and become world class champions. Kate Meehan, became Shin Do Kumate champion, Shahnaz Moayedi won the North American light weight title and against Natalie Yip. Soudabah Moayedi won the Florida State title at a teenage age. Tiffany “Tippy” Connell is Florida State Amateur Muay Thai champion. Founded MKM Knockout Promotions which is the pioneer creating outlet for women to make an impact in the standup striking world


Female Muay Thai Fighter - Elbow Strike

Muay Thai Classic – North American Top Female Lightweight Championship Fight

Fighters Body and Abs Conditioning

Female Muay Thai Fighter – Ab Training Conditioning in Tampa Bay

Muay Thai and Fighter Conditioning Classes in Tampa Bay

Kick For Women Self Defense With Master Mehrdad

Muay Thai Kickboxing Leg Kick Drills Workout at Master Mehrdad

Boxing Focus Mitts Drills in Kickboxing Classes

Master Mehrdad Martial Arts at Shore Acres Talent Show – St. Pete, Florida

Female Muay Thai Fighter Training Photo Gallery


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