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Become a Member – Online Fitness Training Videos

Online Fitness Training Videos – This is the place for you to learn directly from a World Class Professional Muay Thai Fighter, an 8th Dan Martial Arts Black Belt Master in the Arts of Shin Do Kumaté and Hap-Ki-Do. Muay Thai and Hap-Ki-Do are the most deadliest and most effective Fighting systems on the street self-defense hand to hand combat situation.

The method of training and expertise you receive from Master Mehrdad online fitness training videos and fighting techniques videos comes from over 40 years of fighter training, competing as a top athlete, in both Combat and Mixed Martial Arts expertise. His unique training system teaches you how to defend yourself in dangerous street survival situations,become a better Muay Thai fighter or MMA fighter in the ring or cage. Also you can get your body into ultimate fitness shape, rehabilitate injuries, and learn his secret unique methods that until now have only been taught to a select few of his advance martial art black belt students. Below are the prices for the online fitness training videos membership.

Become a member for a month and learn Master Mehrdad’s Secrets.
For only $9.95/month.

Become a member for 6 month and learn Master Mehrdad’s Secrets.
One payment of $53.70. ($8.95/month).

Become a member for a year and learn Master Mehrdad’s Secrets.
One payment of $83.40 ($6.95/month).


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