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About Master Mehrdad “Persian Warrior”

Persian Warrior Master Mehrdad. He was born in the City of Sari, Iran “Persia” and raised near the Caspian Sea.  Since the age of 4, he was very competitive and always strategized my next training methods to make me superior. As I grew older and began more intensive training. My training regimens would include explosive weight training methods, plyometrics, Ancient Persian Meels training, and kettlebells. Today, you see so many people venturing out into new training systems that include these methods.

Over 4 decades of experience in Chinese Kung Fu & Korean Hap Ki Do, Tae Keuk Do, and Combatitive Fighting Art such as Muay Thai and MMA.

Master Mehrdad The Persian Warrior initial sports training started at age five. He began heavily in football “Soccer”, track, boxing, Persian wrestling “Kushti Pahlevani“/ Zhurkhanah (means house of power).

About The Persian Historical and National  Sports

The Persian historical national sports and strength training go back to the time of King Cyrus “The Great” and those are the roots I drew upon. As I grew older I trained in traditional Martial Arts and Kushti Kaj.  Bruce Lee has made a true revolution about Martial Arts, how to think outside the box. He was one of the icons, I followed in life. I admired icons such as Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali. Mehrdad tried to incorporate their training methods into my training regimens. Impressed with their fighting styles and their approach to life as well.

Master Mehrdad Strykerz® Dream

Hope one day to make a big revolutionary change in the world of Martial Arts, sports with my unique style and fighting system STRYKERZ.  As an adult, I traveled the world and gained tremendous knowledge in various traditional Martial Art styles. He learn under the teachings of far eastern Grandmasters and some European Muay Thai/kickboxing teachers. Ultimately, I became a disciple and student of Grandmaster In Suk Pak in Toronto, Canada.

Master Mehrdad – 6th Degree Black Belt

Under Grandmaster In Suk Pak, I earned my 6th Degree Black Belt and my Masters Certification in World Kong Shin Bup Association in the style of Hap Ki-Do & Tae Keuk Do. I also trained under Grandmaster Hwang In Shik in Canada in early 1989 to 1991.  Mr. Hwang In Shik was featured in a number of films such as “The Young Master” with Jackie Chan and “Return of the Dragon” with Bruce Lee. Had the privilege of exploring and learning the Art of Ki Kong internal energy from Grandmaster Hwang In Shik. Which taught me how to be relaxed in order to execute the most explosive power with any striking maneuvers. He also had the honor to learn his version of Hapkido which was very different from other styles.

The Persian Warrior Knowledge and Experience

In December 1991,  the Persian Warrior moved to the U.S.  I used my vast knowledge and experience in the Martial Arts to develop my own unique style of traditional Martial Arts by combining the best of Hapkido, Kung-Fu, Tae Keuk Do, Muay Thai, Western Boxing and Persian Kushti Kaj, better known as grappling. I ultimately founded the Art of Shin Do Kumaté.  He began teaching my system, and in 1995 formed a competitive amateur league called Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic. In 2002, I formed a professional fight promotion bearing my initials “MKM® Knockout Promotions” and began producing Shin Do Kumaté® pro fighting events for television.

Aspects of Martial Arts

Samurai Sword Technique

Throughout my life, I learned that Martial Arts bring true balance to all aspects of life, including personal and business relationships. He teaches this aspect to my students and I teach my own uniquely developed fighting & self defense system that stands above many other styles of martial arts. Simply by eliminating various ineffective moves that other styles rely upon. Incorporating highly effective techniques from various styles to make a more balanced art as efficient as possible.  All styles of Martial Arts have benefits; however, many also have limitations.

For example, Tae Kwon Do relies on leg and snaps techniques; Karate uses primarily rigid/straight-forward movements. Aikido focuses on circular and hand movements and western boxing focuses on upper body punch techniques. Judo and other grappling arts teach primarily submissions and throws. Kung-Fu styles emphasize on form and weapons training.

Limitations in Martial Arts

While the majority of all Martial Art techniques are skillful, they each do have limitations and some areas of weakness. I mastered my unique style by creating extremely effective, exceptionally dynamic and complete techniques without limitations. My teachings also include the roots of internal power.

In life, everybody needs an outlet to channel their energy, especially when impacted by traumatic events or any type of stress in general. I lost my mother at the age of 4 and poured my heart into practicing Martial Arts and competitive sports. It balanced my life in a way that strengthened all areas of my being. So I believe that it can help people overcome anything and grow in the most positive way. I am currently an active professional fighter and I hold the Shin Do Kumaté® Heavyweight Championship Title. A well recognized and respected for my knowledge and mastery in the industry of Martial Arts and I value this honor eternally.

Hapkido Joint Locks

Hapkido wrest lock techniques

Persian Warrior Spirit of Swordsman

Persian warriorThe Art of Shin Do Kumaté® branches out to many levels of martial arts journey.  In my system, you gain complete kicking and striking capabilities, great hand striking techniques, complete ground fighting techniques, Persian Wrestling and judo throwing techniques. The Persian Warrior system allows you to tap into all elements of joint locks and pressure points of hapkido. Beauty of Martial Arts forms is that it provides the works of internal Chi energy and the training of more than a dozen weapons such as samurai sword, kendo, Nunchaku, butterfly knife, broad sword and Escrima sticks.

Aspects in Martial Arts & Persian Warrior Style

Another important aspect of the Persian Warrior style includes my unique methods of hardcore body conditioning.  With the Persian Warrior system you learn to think outside the box. You learn how to be prepared anywhere. In the Dojang, on the mat, in a boxing ring, in a cage, or on the street. The Art of Shin Do Kumaté is recognized and respected globally because of the fundamentals of the art and the roots of experience.

Strykerz and Persian Warrior Videos

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