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Fighting and Martial Arts Professional Achievements

Tampa Bay Arts & Education Network Partnership with Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts TV show

Great pre-production meeting with TBAE Network to lay out upcoming Martial Arts TV shows series. First of all, the show will focus on kids Martial Arts. The new kids TV series focus on martial arts tradition, honor, respect, kids anti-bullying, confidence, and the lifetime benefits of Martial Arts training for children. As a result, this children’s Martial Arts TV program will be available on Bright house Channel 635 and Verizon FiOs.

TBAE and Master Mehrdad Partners to Teach the Fundamentals of Traditional Kids Martial Arts

Fighting, Martial Arts, and Professional Achievements – Amateur Fighting Establishment & Champion Fighters

Master Mehrdad founded World Shin Do Kumaté Association, Inc., “WSDKA” an organization established to produce amateur Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA events, as well the sanctioning of combat sports competitions internationally.  Due to this, his effort has helped build the sport of amateur Muay Thai thereby providing opportunities for fighters to build their amateur fight records as they work towards a professional fighting career.  In 2002, WSDKA was appointed by the Florida State Boxing and Athletic Commission as an official sanctioning body to govern the sport of amateur kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Master Mehrdad puts tremendous effort towards building champion fighters.  In addition, fighters come from all over to train under Master Mehrdad vast fighting knowledge.  He has dedicated endless hours to train fighters in the art of Muay Thai and the Shin Do Kumaté fighting system, “SDK” art which stems from the art of Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Hapkido, Boxing, kyokushinkai and Persian Wrestling.  He trains male and female fighters and prepares them for major competition.  While, Master Mehrdad trained many students and develop them to great Championship and fighter since 1995.

These Professional & Amateur Champions MMA/Muay Thai Fighters began their fight training under the teachings of Master Mehrdad.  He built them from the ground up to championship levels.

Travelle Mason - Muay Thai Classic and IKF champion

Travelle Mason – Muay Thai Classic and IKF champion

matt hamill

“The Hammer”

Desiree Samson - North American Muay Thai Classic WSDKA Champion

Desiree Samson FL State Champion

Gaines Slocum - WSDKA Muay Thai Classic Fight Florida State Champion

Gaines Slocum FL State Champion

Soudabah Moayedi - 2nd Degree Black Belt and North American Muay Thai and WSDKA Title Holder

Soudabah Moayedi North American Champion

Shahnaz Moayedi - North American Muay Thai - WSDKA Champion

Shahnaz Moayedi North American Champion

Tiffany Connell - WSDKA and Muay Thai Classic Florida State Title Holder

Tiffany Connell FL State Champion

Preston Styles - Up and Coming young Muay Thai fighter

Preston Styles FL State Champion

Professional Fighting Establishment / TV Production & Sponsorship – Shin Do Kumate Fight Series in Florida

MKM Knockout Productions - Global Televised Striking Fight organizationMKM Knockout Promotions, LLC is yet another great Fighting and Martial Arts Achievement of Master Mehrdad. In 2002, Master Mehrdad started his own professional fight promotion. And he launched MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC, a company bearing his initials, MKM. Therefore, this company was established to produce Shin Do Kumaté fighting events for global television. Most of all to date, his company has produced seventeen professional fighting events for television networks. As a result, the programs from those shows were placed on multiple media platforms including Pay Per View, Video On Demand, ipTV, cable, and mobile and more.  The territories for these broadcasts reached global markets including U.S., Canada, Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Albania, Israel, Mexico, and more.

In the State of Florida, all professional fighting events are governed by the Florida State Boxing & Athletic Commission. Hence, back in 2002, no other fighting style outside of boxing was ever sanctioned in the state.  MKM Knockout Promotions was the first fight promotion outside of boxing that was ever licensed to produce a show under the state’s governing body.  Master Mehrdad personally trained state officials to understand the sport of Shin Do Kumaté so they could properly judge and referee the bouts.

Master Mehrdad Founded Shin Do Kumaté Pro Fighting Events

Muay Thai and Kickboxing Sanctioning Body - Professional AchievementsThe style of Shin Do Kumaté is the fastest growing international brand of Muay Thai & Full Contact Martial Arts founded by Master Mehrdad. As a result, Shin Do Kumaté stems from the art of Muay Thai and encompasses a variety of standing techniques that are extremely powerful and requires years of training.  Therefore, this sport is a chess match that demands respect and honor.  Male and female athletes from around the world seek out Shin Do Kumaté fights, as it is the elite competition of the sport.

Muay Thai fighting originated in the Far East and is better known to North Americans as Thai Kickboxing. Consequently, Shin Do Kumaté translates into “The Way of the Fighting Spirit” and is a professional sport taking the world by storm. Therefore, the thrilling action attracts spectators who seek real exciting fights. These fans want to see knockouts, warriors against warriors displaying respect, discipline, and honor as in traditional Kumaté fights. Shin Do Kumaté Muay Thai fighters kindle the visual of honorable Martial Artists and Ancient Gladiators of modern times.

About Shin Do Kumaté Pro Muay Thai Event and Rules

Although the rules are simple, the competition is fierce. As a result, the bouts consist of three, three-minute rounds. Male fighters use 10-oz gloves and female fighters use 8-oz gloves. They fight in a standard boxing ring, and there are no knockdown rules. As a result, the Shin Do Kumaté fighting system has been described as the most superior stand-up fighting discipline in which the fighter can use full boxing skills, all Martial Arts kicks, and all skills from Muay Thai, including clinching and stand-up grappling which allow throws to the ground. Therefore, there are very few limitations of what you can do on your feet.  All of this makes for a very exciting, fast paced match.

In Shin Do Kumaté, there is no staging and no ground grappling. Due to the rules thdue to ese professional Kumaté fighters wear no pads − just gloves. The training involved to fight in a Shin Do Kumaté goes beyond any training you could imagine.  To learn more about Shin Do Kumaté events, visit Shin Do Kumate.

Executive Producer of Shin Do Kumaté Strykerz TV – Weekly Syndicated TV Show of Fighter Life Stories

Shin Do Kumate StrykerzThe library of Shin Do Kumaté fight videos is quite extensive so it made sense to cherry pick the best of the best fights and explosive knockouts and create a TV show highlighting the most memorable bouts.

Another Fighting, Martial Arts and professional Achievements for Master Mehrdad is creating a Weekly Syndicated TV show. The weekly TV show titled Shin Do Kumaté Strykerz was born.  As a result, the weekly program was produced right from Master Mehrdad’s Dojang.  Consequently, he and his co-host Anthony Sabia set up the bouts for audiences at home to educate them about the sport and then after the bout discuss the technique used and what could have been done differently.  Therefore, some episodes include pro fighters from the featured bouts as guests to discuss their bout.

TV Show Production for Strykerz fight seriesThe show is produced by MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC and airs in millions of homes.  Locally, the show can be watched on Bright House Sports Network, Channel 47 twice per week.  While, internationally, the show is distributed to Mexico, Canada, Albania, and Europe.  To date, MKM has produced two full seasons, which include 13 episodes per season.

Master Mehrdad TV Host at Shin Do Kumate EventOn the left, Master Mehrdad is photographed at one of the live Shin Do Kumaté events ringside.  Consequently at times, he is featured as the color commentator throughout each bout giving audience members at home his expert opinion of each fighter, techniques, and outcome.


 Strykerz TV 24/7 Online Global Combat Fight Network – We Don’t Tap Out, We Knockout®

Strykerz.TV 24/7 Online Fight ChannelMaster Mehrdad has many fighting, Martial Arts and professional Achievements. Therefore, one of his great professional achievement is to launch Strykerz TV. Therefore, he launched the brand Strykerz to signify stand-up fighting.  The Strykerz brand signifies Shin Do Kumaté, Muay Thai fighters, Kickboxing and Martial Artist much in the way the Tapout brand is tied to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) BJJ and grapplers.

Strykerz athletes typically have a Muay Thai background with many years of training in the sport and/or in traditional Martial Arts.  Therefore, to be a Strykerz athlete is to a skillful, honorable, and humble.

The website was initially developed as an online media platform to offer the entire library of Shin Do Kumaté fight videos.  Consequently, this idea later came up to make this site a social hub for athletes, promoters, and fight fans in the world of stand-up fighting.

Strykerz.TV is a site where fighters can create their own web page to market themselves, upload fight videos, upload fight pictures, build a fan base, interact with fans and keep a record of their professional achievements.

While, promoters can build their own web pages and post upcoming events. They also scout fighters and allow fighters to easily find them. Valuable information is acquired as members such as guidelines to build and promote an event, insurance requirements, and state athletic commission requirements.

Much as, fans can keep up with their favorite fighters, post comments on their web pages, check fighters professional achievements, and draw new fans to the watch upcoming fighters and exciting events.

Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts Training Background – His Professional Achievements

Master Mehrdad "Persian Warrior" - Fighting and Martial Arts AchievementsMaster Mehrdad Khan Moayedi devoted over four decades of hard core training under traditional martial arts grandmasters. Most noteworthy masters were Kong Shin Bup Hapkido and Tae Keuk Do teacher (Grandmaster Pak) as well as Chinese Kung Fu masters. Therefore, the Persian Warrior train with many great Muay Thai Kru, and Persian Wrestling coach in Iran. Plus he has vast experience in combat fighting, combat sports (MMA), health & Fitness, natural muscle injury recovery, and to read more on his professional achievements and about his Martial Arts styles, please Click Here.

Professional Achievements – Muay Thai Classic®

Muay Thai Classic Fight League Was Founded By Master Mehrdad in 1995. Under the traditional teachings of prominent Grandmasters in the Far East and Asia, Master Mehrdad is a highly credentialed traditional Martial Arts Master. As a result, Mehrdad is ranked as an 8th Dan Black Belt with over four decades of traditional studies in various Arts.  He ventured into the sport of Muay Thai while living in Holland in the 1980s and since then has passionately trained in the sport of Muay Thai and competed as a professional Heavy Weight Fighter.

In 1992, Master Mehrdad introduced Muay Thai to Florida as a training sport and began training fighters while other schools were teaching above-the-waist kickboxing as a competitive sport.  As a result, soon after, he started managing fighters and then formed his own style of competition titled Muay Thai Classic (Amateur Fight Promotion) and Shin Do Kumaté (Professional Fight Promotion), competitions that stems from the art of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Classic Weigh In and Fighters Pre Fight Interview

Muay Thai Classic Fight League Muay Thai Classic™ is one of the most prestigious Amateur Muay Thai and kickboxing Competitions in the U.S.. Drawing male and female fighters of all ages from around the world. Since 1995, the Muay Thai Classic has provided a foundation for Martial Artists and amateur fighters to test out their talent in the ring. As a result, many have gone on to become professional Muay Thai fighter or MMA fighter. Most noteworthy, they enter events such as Shin Do Kumaté®, Combat League and UFC. Hence, some notable amateur fighters who have fought under the establishment and the World Shin Do Kumaté® Association Sanctioning Body include Travel Mason, Kate Meehan, Lynda Loyce, Vivian Leong, Nathalie Yip, Gina Carrano, Malick Watson Smith and more.

Consequently Muay Thai Classic events are produced for worldwide combat TV with fighter interviews and short documentaries.  Therefore, fighters are invited from all over the United States and Canada to allow them an opportunity to compete and build their amateur records. Master Mehrdad matches applicants for martial arts tournaments and invites competitors based on match ups. In conclusion, tournament style competitions are scheduled for the future and we encourage Martial Art Schools trainer or fight promoter to provide email addresses in order to receive notifications of upcoming events.

Muay Thai Classic Tournament Photos – Professional Achievements


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