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Master Mehrdad was born in the City of Sari, Iran “Persia” and raised near the Caspian Sea. Since the age of 4, I was very competitive and always strategized my next training methods to make me superior. As I grew older and began more intensive training, my training regimens would include explosive weight training methods, plyometrics, Ancient Persian Meels training, and kettlebells. Today, you see so many people venturing out into new training systems that include these methods.


Persian Warrior initial sports training started at age five and began heavily in football “Soccer”, track, boxing, Persian wrestling “Kushti Pahlevani“/ Zhurkhanah (means house of power). Persian historical national sports and strength training go back to the time of King Cyrus “The Great” and those are the roots I drew upon. As I grew older I trained in traditional Martial Arts and Kushti Kaj. Throughout those years, I admired icons such as Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali. I tried to incorporate their training methods into my training regimens. I was impressed with their fighting styles and their approach to life as well. I hope one day to make a big revolutionary change in the world of Martial Arts with my unique style and fighting system “STRYKERZ”. As an adult, I traveled the world and gained tremendous knowledge in various Martial Art styles under the teachings of far eastern Grandmasters and some European Muay Thai/kickboxing teachers. Ultimately, I became a disciple and student of the Grandmaster In Suk Pak in Toronto, Canada. This culminate the story about Master Mehrdad.

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