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Yoga For Kids at Clearwater

Kids Yoga For Martial Arts Student Only

Yoga For Kids – This class combines yoga, play and relaxation. The kids will have the opportunity to experience challenging postures and have calming restorative time in a playful and safe environment. This practice will improve strength, flexibility, concentration and coordination. Children will learn how to center and focus through various breathing exercises. They will learn to release fear, love themselves and others through the practice of fun and challenging poses. As an additional benefit, the practice will aid in children’s digestive system and promote better sleeping patterns.

Training various yoga moves will help kids to strengthen their joints. As a result develop strong muscle groups in their hamstrings and quadriceps. Therefore it will increase flexibility and stronger ligaments and teach how to elongate their spinal cord which is so important in their early stages of growth, as well as build their core and lower back strength. This program is only available for our Martial Arts member and After school program.

Traditional Yoga for Kids Yoga

Traditional Yoga For Kids at Clearwater -The benefits of this amazing Yoga asana practice. Includes academic performance, discipline, improved attitudes about themselves, violence prevention, improved public behavior, physical fitness, proper body posture, injury prevention in other sports/activities emotional nourishment; teaching them to be calm, compassionate, strong and resilient.

Master Mehrdad explains that he has been training Yoga from age of 14 to present and what Yoga has done for him is tremendous in life. As a child, I trained intense sports like soccer, track and also traditional martial arts. If it was not for my intense Yoga training in the early stage of my life, today I would most definitely suffer from knee injury, back problem or bad hips. But at the age of 50 I am still playing soccer, train Muay Thai and Martial Arts two times per day, six a days a week. Take my advice and introduce your child to powerful Yoga Training Class with an experienced Yoga guru.

Learn more about Yoga teacher click here:

Kids Yoga Sessions For Young Children At Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts Studio in Feather Sound And Carillon Parkway. It is so powerful when you see beautiful kids joining together and practice yoga moves. Below pictures show that Leila 10 year old, Master Mehrdad’s daughter leading the yoga class during the Kids Yoga class session with other children. It is all about allowing your children to explore spirituality and discover the love within themselves.

Kids Yoga Schedule

Yoga Classes start on Monday to Thursday from 5p.m before their Martial Arts classes during their warm up. The traditional yoga classes are an additional benefits to their martial art training. This will teach children balance, concentration and help them to become more focus. In order to benefit from this yoga program, they have to be a member of our martial art classes or after school program.

Yoga For Kids


Kids yoga training