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Rehabilitation and Exercise for a Healthy Lower Back – Phase One By: Master Mehrdad

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Rehabilitation and Exercise for a Healthy Lower Back

Lower Back Rehabilitation is important in order to improve your condition. Whether you’re a golfer with a strained lower back or an ordinary person who suffers from lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, or even Degenerative Disc Disorder, suffering from the first bout of low back pain, following extensive treatments, or even surgery, then this video is for you. This training methods also great for top athlete who injured through training or competing in different sports. It is the first step to start building a stronger lower back and core muscles. Please make sure you are not on any heavy medical prescription or don’t have any heart or lungs problem also make sure to discuss with your doctor before you do these moves.

Make sure you always consult your doctor or physician before performing any exercises. Especially after a recent injury.

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