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Self Defense - Gun, Knife Attack, and More

Persian Warrior Self Defense & Fitness Bundle #1

Persian Warrior Self Defense & Fitness

10 self defense and fitness videos. These videos will help you protect yourself and stay fit. Experience intense training that will prepare you to react on various situations, such as a knife and gun attack. Get fit with Master Mehrdad intensive fitness training.


How to Disarm an Attacker with a Gun – Self Defense Level 2 By: Master Mehrdad

How to Defend Against a Knife Attack – Self Defense Level 1 By: Master Mehrdad

How To Protect Yourself against a Knife Attack Level 2

Hand to Hand Self Defense By: Master Mehrdad

Women Self-Defense Throw Down By Master Mehrdad

Muay Thai – Knee Strikes Self-Defense

Elbow Strike – One of the Most Deadly Self-Defense Techniques

How to Meditate with Master Mehrdad

Get Your Midsection Shredded – Cardio and Core Workout with Sydnei

Upper Body Workout with Sydnei

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