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Muay Thai Classes
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Be Ready For Any Attack - Women Self Defense Training

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12 Weeks body Transformation Challenge

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Martial Arts for Children: Honor, Respect, & Dedication

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Kickboxing: Train like a Champion

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The Benefits of Muay Thai Training for Women

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Hap-Ki-Do - Discover the Power within Yourself

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Yoga Science of body, Mind, and Spirit

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Master Mehrdad's Black Belt Graduates

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Adult Martial Arts Classes In Clearwater, Fl

Adult Martial Arts Classes in Clearwater, Fl For Hap-Ki-Do & Tae-Keuk-Do Program (Art of Shin Do Kumaté)

As a private and traditional Martial Arts institution, we have an application process for all new enrollees. We have a meet and greet by appointment only, and our classes are conducted in small group. This allow our instructor optimize their teaching and take the time that each student deserves.

Proper, authentic, traditional Hapkido and Kung-Fu Martial Arts with a strong emphasis on effective techniques, as well as an understanding of genuine honor and respect for the art, peers, and instructors. As our creed of teaching no fee will buy a belt in this private Martial Arts Institution, and students here are invited to test by their instructors when they are ready. All belts are earned by dedication, passion, and hard work.

Clearwater Adult Martial Arts Classes – Sunrise Chi Kung & Tai Chi

martial arts St. Petersburg

Short Katana Sword Move

Hapkido Clearwater - Adult Martial Arts Classes in ClearwaterMaster Mehrdad’s adult Martial Arts classes training philosophy is rooted from the traditions of an old school concept with over four decades of training under greatest Martial Arts grandmasters and himself exploring as a Martial Arts students and active professional fighter of different fighting style to present, such as Karate, Muay Thai, No Holds Bar and amateur boxing.

Kung Fu-martial arts weapons training
He opened his first adult Martial Arts classes and Muay Thai training gym in the Pinellas County area in 1992 in a community filled with growing commercialized Martial Art Dojo in Tampa Bay Area, and as he called them “belt factories Karate Dojo.” While his gym/Martial Arts Dojo continued to grow and flourish, he produced many great Black belt martial arts students in Hapkido and Kung Fu at his St. Pete, fl studio.

He also helped many male and female fighters achieve their dream to become a Muay Thai kickboxing champion, fighting in verity of Sanctioning body or at many prestigious amateur Muay Thai fights, such as Muay Thai Classic or MKM Knockout Promotions professional fights.

10 Minutes Horse Stance, Bo Staff Classes & Dan Bong Hapkido Stick in Clearwater, FL

While many belt factories martial arts Dojo closed their doors, it confirmed Master Mehrdad’s decision to remain true to his traditional teachings.  Martial Arts Classes For Kong Shin Bup HapkidoWhen he began teaching his Martial Arts program, he introduced the art of Muay Thai as ultimate striking power and Kong Shin Bup Chinese Broad Sword-martial arts weapons trainingHapkido, Kung Fu, Tae-Keuk-Do and Persian wrestling as traditional Martial Arts as well as combat self-defense.

Later in his teaching career, Master Mehrdad decided to introduce his own unique martial arts system which stems from all combat fighting, his tournament matches and other Martial Arts ranking that he has mastered and participated in for the past 4 decades. This Art is called Shin Do Kumaté “The Way Of Fighting Spirit.” Focused on teaching ultimate and devastating striking skills, practical and combat hand to hand street self defense, fundamentals of the hardcore Martial Arts training, Martial Arts weapons training, physical strength, full flexibility, and discipline of the mind, body and spirit.

Martial Arts and The Art of Muay Thai

You will learn the spirit of Martial Arts internally and externally (Chi) as well as the Art of Muay Thai under the style of Shin Do Kumaté, a unique fighting & Martial Arts system founded by Master Mehrdad. The program is designed to take you from a beginner to an advanced black belt level up to mastery rank.

Master Mehrdad - Kong Shin Bup Hapkido

Whether you are training to be in the ultimate physical shape, learn the science and philosophy of Martial Arts or weapons training, or you want to be the next Champion Muay Thai fighter, Master Mehrdad has the knowledge, background and expertise for you.

Learn about Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts Hap-Ki-Do, Kung-Fu philosophy and roots, Click Here.


Adult Martial Arts And Hapkido Classes

Adult Martial Arts And Hapkido Classes

St. Pete Adult Martial Arts Classes – Hapkido Self-Defense with Master Mehrdad

St. Pete Martial Arts Hapkido Self-Defense with Master Mehrdad

St. Pete Adult Martial Arts Classes For Women

St. Pete Martial Arts Hapkido Self-Defense with Master Mehrdad

Kung Fu – Master Mehrdad Adult Martial Arts Red Cross Demonstration

Martial Arts for Women and Its Benefits

Martial Arts have a lot of benefit.  It helps you get fit, improve your health, and increase your mental health. Martial Arts also helps you tones your body, helps with weight loss, and conditioning. The other benefits of becoming a female Martial Artist are better stress management, more energy, increase motivation, increased self-discipline, and flexibility. The main goal of Martial Arts for Women is discipline, acquiring spiritual understanding , and learning self defense for preventing or reducing the damage of an attack.

Women's Martial Arts - Master Mehrdad's Adult Martial Arts Classes


Mixed Martial Arts Program: We Don’t Tapout, We knockout™

Adult Martial Arts Classes

This class is designed for the person who is fascinated with true Mixed Martial Arts. Master Mehrdad has been teaching Mixed Martial Arts utilizing Muay Thai techniques and incorporated Persian Wrestling techniques (from Iran) long before many people heard the term “Mixed Martial Arts.”

He began learning the art of wrestling and grappling at the age of five (1970) and learned this art from his teachers in the Far East. Master Mehrdad has trained his whole life and eventually learned the true concept of the art from many great Grandmasters around the world. Muay Thai Kick TechniquesMaster Mehrdad in 1997 No Holds Bar & Mixed Martial Arts FightToday’s definition of MMA is someone who learns some wrestling, some striking, then enters a cage fight that is more like street fighting or pro wrestling without proper skills and techniques.

What is Mixed Martial Arts?

The real definition of Mixed Martial Arts means “mastery of more than one discipline,” or placing two individuals of different systems such as Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon do, Jiu Jitsu, etc. to compete against each other in one arena. It also means a combination of different styles in the world of Martial Arts. It is not what is seen today in a cage and unfortunately diminishes the honor of the sport and the art.Persian warrior in Cage Fight in Florida If you are looking to tap into an authentic Mixed Martial Arts program you must seek a teacher with decades of experience in multiple arts or the mastery of one art with a background in other systems.

Martial Art Training For Women in Clearwater

Female Martial Artist - Master Mehrdad Adult Martial Arts Classes


Clearwater Hapkido Brown Belt Martial Arts Testing

Adult Martial Arts Classes


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