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Benefits of After School Program

Benefits of After School Program

With so many options available for After School care it can be difficult to decide upon the right program for your child. We understand parents work full time jobs while trying to balance taking care of their children and providing them with the best tools for success. Our After School program is designed to give children a structure, positive and healthy environment to not only grow physically, but mentally as well. The following list contains the benefits of after school program like Strykerz KidFit.

Caring Instructors

One of the main benefits of after school program is caring instructors. We treat each student like a member of our family, in fact, Master Mehrdad’s youngest daughter is currently in our program. Our program provides a warm and caring environment, while still providing structure and balance that is needed for developing children. The goal of our program is not simply to watch children, it is to help them grow and gain valuable life skills such as positive socialization, self-discipline and confidence.

On Time Pick-up & Extended Hours

On time pickup and extended hours are great benefits of after school program. Our program is focused on the best interests of our students, which is why we keep our numbers limited. The focus is on quality care over the quantity of students in our school. This means we only pick up from a limited amount of schools so we are always early to pick up children. Typically you will see our van or designated car at the front spot of the bus line! Master Mehrdad doesn’t believe in having children wait for up to an hour outside simply to get picked up from school, since this is valuable time for your children. Another time advantage is that our pick up time for parents is extended until 7:00pm, to help parents avoid rushing through traffic or leaving work early. Time is a valuable resource that cannot be replaced, so we try to make sure both your child and your time is respected and utilized.

Healthy Snacks & Teaching

It is no secret that there are many benefits to a healthy lifestyle and diet, especially in growing children. Our program teaches the importance of healthy, nutritious eating habits and physical activity. We also provide every child with organic freshly-made smoothies daily, which contain no artificial chemicals, colors or ingredients. Your children will not receive excessive junk food and we try to cater to any allergies they may have.

Traditional Training

Master Mehrdad has been teaching children traditional Martial Arts since 1993 and has had many of his students that started out in the children’s program transition into adult training. He is dedicated to teaching traditional forms, techniques and the origins behind them. You will never see a black-belt under the age of 18 at our school, because we are more focused on teaching your children at their speed. Every child learns and develops differently, so we don’t set deadlines for belt promotions. Children are tested once the instructors feel they are ready and children are not pressured to advance quickly to meet a quota. Many times we have children from other schools start our program with higher belts and our white belts tend to know more skills. All students must start at a white belt level and if they are ready and have tested we will advance them. The importance of this traditional training is that it teaches children the importance of dedication, hard work, active-listening and self-confidence. All of our children are strong little warriors and we want them to achieve their best.

Structured Learning

Structured learning is another great benefits of after school program. Our education does not simply begin and end with Martial Arts. Children must learn many valuable skills and focus on their academics to become successful future leaders. Our caregivers make sure each child completes their homework after they arrive and have some relaxation and snack time. If children do not have homework we make sure to provide them with stimulating quiet activities such as coloring pages and puzzles. This makes sure that all children can focus on their homework and that instructors can provide help when needed. Our Strykerz kids excel both in school and at Martial Arts!

Engaging Activities

Children also need ample recreation and downtime so we make sure it isn’t all work and training. Every day after homework is completed and perform Martial Arts class we offer children a variety of activities and games that gives them a chance to use their imagination and socialize with other children. Each week we also have a Friday Funday in which we bring children to a local park, watch movies, have field days or a variety of other activities. Friday’s is a rest day from Martial Arts and a chance for the children to unwind and get some energy out before the weekend!

Not one After School program fits every child, but we do our best to accommodate to any special needs or character quirks your child may have. We strongly encourage parents to bring their children to our program before signing up and ask any questions or address concerns you may have had with other programs. Our goal is to build valuable, lasting relationships so that your child can continue to grow and improve themselves.

Martial Art Demonstration at Shore Acres Elementary - Benefits of After School Program



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