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Muay Thai Classes
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Strykerz KidFit After School Program

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Be Ready For Any Attack - Women Self Defense Training

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12 Weeks body Transformation Challenge

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Martial Arts for Children: Honor, Respect, & Dedication

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Kickboxing: Train like a Champion

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The Benefits of Muay Thai Training for Women

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Hap-Ki-Do - Discover the Power within Yourself

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Yoga Science of body, Mind, and Spirit

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Master Mehrdad's Black Belt Graduates

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Strykerz KidFit Martial Arts Summer Camp Program

Kung Fu

Master Mehrdad’s Unique Kung Fu Philosophy

Shin Do Kumaté® Kung Fu

Hapkido and Kung Fu Shin Do Kumaté Kung Fu form has three parts: mental, physical and spiritual, as well as many other branches within its form that you will discover as you progress in your training.  Master Mehrdad’s Kung Fu style training emphasizes techniques and movements from Eastern Thai boxing, Western boxing, elbow strikes, pressure points, throwing, choke-holds, joint manipulation self-defense, and all aspects of close-range sticky-hand fighting.

You also learn internal breathing of Chi Kung and practical short and long forms, as well as Kung Fu weapons training (forms are the soul of Kung Fu).  Kung Fu Weapon training is like a demonstrative form or combative form and we train with broadsword, long bo staff, Tai Chi Lion Sword, three sectional staff, butterfly knife and more.

Kung Fu forms express the Shaolin respect for the beauty of the universe, spirit of the animals, and search for inner harmony.  Ch Kung PhilosophyWhen a person trains in the martial arts forms, he is training in the basics of physical endurance, speed, strength, flexibility, concentration and attitude.

Ancient Hapkido – Shaolin Kung-Fu:
The Clearwater Studio schedules Wednesdays for Kung Fu Forms, Kung Fu Weapon Training and Chi Qigong.

Largo Martial Arts – Nunchucks Training

Chinese Broad Sword Classes in Clearwater, Fl

Master Mehrdad Chinese Broad Sword Form

St. Pete Master Mehrdad's Martial Arts and Self-Defense Classes

Martial Arts Classes For Women

Female Martial Arts - Kung Fu - Crane Stance

Meaning of Martial Art Forms
Shaolin Wai Kung:  Soft and hard Kung – level 1
Five Animal Wai Kung: Circle soft Kung – level 2
Shaolin Hard Kung: Breathing Form / Four directions
Five Animal Nie Kung: Soft and hard
Shaolin Blocking & Striking
Long Bow Staff Form: Ying Kung

Martial Arts for Women - Kung Fu - Bow Staff

Kung Fu Classes in Largo_Florida

Kung Fu Classes & Schedules

Wednesday: 6:30 P.M. & Friday 6:30 P.M.

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