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I Believe as a Martial Arts Master

I believe as a Martial Arts Master who has devoted my time to the study of martial arts and the far eastern culture for over four decades is that in order for anyone to understand the science behind Hap-Ki-Do and to become a great practitioner of this beautiful Art, they have to first understand the culture of the martial arts and train in a true Hapkido system. Many martial artists today claim they know the art, but have learned a washed up version of it and don’t understand the culture and beauty behind traditional Hapkido. I see many Tae Kwon Do teachers teaching their black belt students what they think are Hapkido techniques, but in truth is not complete or true Hap-Ki-Do. To find a true Hapkido Master in North America is not only rare, but very hard to do with everyone claiming they are a Martial art master.

martial arts St. PetersburgFor the past 25 years, I have been teaching the Kong Shin Bup Hapkido philosophy in the Tampa Bay Area to many students. I have had many martial art students come to me and claim they know the Hapkido Art, but unfortunately they were missing many important elements about Hap-Ki-Do. For example their kicking technique stemmed from a Tae Kwon Do style and is made for a tournament setting not street defense. No proper system for learning each joint lock technique correctly or understanding of how each move effects the joints within the hand and wrist. These students also have no weapon training like Korean katana and Dan Bong short stick or cane weapon.

I was very fortunate to train under the greatest Hapkido grandmaster In Suk Pak. Before I found my teacher Grandmaster Pak, I also trained under Grandmaster Hwang In Shik from Toronto, Canada. Grandmaster Hwang was an excellent martial artist and a famous Chinese martial arts movie star who was originally from Korea. Grandmaster Hwang In Shik had many great ways to teach his art to his students. One of the things I noticed was his passion for the study of the internal power of “KI” and his amazing kicking ability as he demonstrated in his movie with Jackie Chan on Young Master. I learned so many great things about the science of kicking which is missing in many styles of MMA fighting and martial arts in today’s society. Grandmaster Hwang also introduced me to internal breathing and meditation, which only added to the knowledge about inner peace, yoga chakra meditation and chi Kung from my prior kung Fu and Hatha Yoga I had been obtaining for many years already.

master mehrdad hapkido katana swordI honored and valued my time with grandmaster Hwang In Shik and his Hapkido teaching during the two years in Toronto that I had spent with him. I learned a lot and respect his knowledge and honor what he has taught me. But I always knew that I was missing something very important and that was the teacher and student connection and my desire to explore more of my passion for Hap-Ki-Do. I was invited to go to play pool with a friend of mine and that’s where I saw grandmaster In Suk Pak flyer and I knew it was meant to be. I knew of him before moving from Holland to Canada, but I couldn’t find him. Grandmaster Pak was a father figure to me and the moment I saw him, he said to me “You know martial arts and you are going to be a great student and teacher one day.” Martial Arts was my passion so of course I had vast experience in martial arts, combat sports, and sport in general, and many years of Hatha Yoga. With Grandmaster In Suk Pak support and teaching I began a new journey in my study of Martial Arts.

black belt martial arts training and meditationMy Hapkido journey really begin with Grandmaster Pak and I trained with him seven days a week five hours a day, I lived and breathed Hapkido day and night. I quit my professional career as a model and fashion consultant as well as sales job for one of the major internationally recognize footwear stores “Davids Shoes” in Toronto just to devote my life to my passion and study of Hapkido. I was honored to train directly under him where I had the chance to perfect the science of joint lock manipulation using the internal Ki power. I was also taught proper Hapkido forms, Katana sword, at the end before he passed away he created the first series of new art and he called it Tae Keuk Do which I was privileged to learn that system from him. I am one of the disciples that still carries his system and teach his art in North America. To learn more about Grandmaster Pak please Click Here. Grandmaster Pak is no longer with us and sadly passed away in 1995, besides losing my mom and dad he was the most important person in my life that I have lost. But I am always going to honor his name and continue his teaching and mission in life through my teaching in the ring or outside the ring, in the Dojo on the mat. I am 51 year old now and I am in the best shape of my life and feel younger than ever with plenty of energy to challenge the world. I continue to train every day two times a day. Never too late to learn and I am still learning, but one day I know I will leave behind a big legacy as a traditional Martial Arts master and great fighter to the world like Bruce lee or Muhammad Ali.

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Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi

Author of I Believe as a Martial Arts Master




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