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Muay Thai Classes
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Strykerz KidFit After School Program

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Be Ready For Any Attack - Women Self Defense Training

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Martial Arts for Children: Honor, Respect, & Dedication

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The Benefits of Muay Thai Training for Women

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Strykerz KidFit Martial Arts Summer Camp Program

Martial Arts Events and Workshop For Kids in Clearwater and Tampa Bay

Martial Arts Events and Workshop For Kids – Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts Dojo hosts numerous local different events for charitable organizations such as Fighting for Children, American Red Cross, Kicking for Kids, Earth Day and All Children’s Hospital. Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts studio also host fun birthday parties for kids.  He also teaches kids safety and self-defense workshop as well to young teenage students. Master Mehrdad also host Martial Arts Event for Women’s self-defense seminars, free open house for the public to learn about our fitness and traditional Martial Arts teaching.

His students conduct Yoga workshop for kids about spirituality and meditation seminars. Corporate motivational health and fitness education for Macy’s, L-3 Communications, Raymond James Financial, Home Shopping Network, and many more.

Since 1994, Master Mehrdad has participated in the Great American Teach In in Pinellas County elementary school and demonstrating Martial Art techniques to teach children how to handle being bullied, avoid obesity, health, how to defend themselves Kids empowerment, and the benefits of exercising.

Martial Arts Demonstration By Master Mehrdad “Persian Warrior” I will be the most powerful ambassador the world ever seen for children. Helping kids to make wise choice and empowerment!

Master Mehrdad invite elementary school teacher to benefit from our positive teaching that we offer for kids with our traditional Martial Arts training and meditation. We also invite major corporation and business to contact our office for motivational speech, self-defense, health and fitness workshop.

Master Mehrdad ultimate dream is to host Martial Arts events across united state schools to educate kids about positiveness, honor, respect, self-defense, education about traditional martial arts and letting everyone to hear their voice. I don’t want our kids to grow up and think martial arts is “MMA” or fighting in the cage, that is not true martial arts way. Real Martial Arts is warrior way with honor, mma is not martial arts.

Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts School Appreciation Days to say thank you and highlight schools in our area that already have students in our programs.


April 2016_School Of Immaculata – Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts


School Appreciation Day – Martial Arts Events

Yoga Workshop For Kids and Adult

Kids Self-Defense and Martial Arts Birthday Party