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Hapkido – Hap means bringing together, gathering, or harmonizing, “Ki” is the energy or life force in the body that connects the mind and body as one, and “Do” is the process or way this happens. Master Mehrdad’s definition of Hapkido is, “The way of harmonizing the mind, body and spirit through the utilization of Ki.” Shin or Sin means “higher mind or higher spirit,” and “Moo” means “martial art.” When translated in its entirety, Sin moo Hapkido means, “The way of using martial arts to harmonize the mind and body to reach a higher power or more enlightened state of existence.

Hapkido is a Korean Martial Art style. Characterized by joint lock manipulation, throws, counter throws techniques, reverse counter joint locks, disarming knife and gun attackers and dynamic kicking techniques. It is unique among other Korean martial arts disciplines, such as Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Hwa Rang Do, Kuk Sool Won. The Art of Hap-Ki-Do puts emphasis on deflecting an opponent’s attacks instead of forceful blocking.

Hapkido Clearwater

Hapkido was designed to defend against and overcome an attacker with skill using many forms of martial art combat. Similar to Aiki-jujitsu, Hapkido adds kicking and punching to joint-locks, throws, and grappling making it one of the original mixed martial arts concept. However, unlike modern MMA fighting or cage training, Hap-Ki-Do gives the student a solid foundation in different forms of defense, and roots the strategy of that defense in the three Hapkido principles of water, circle motions, and harmony. This gives the Hap-Ki-Do student a solid framework on which to develop their mind and skill in real defense situations.

Hapkido – Joint Locks Self-Defense

Hapkido wrest lock techniques

Master Mehrdad believes that in order for anyone to understand Hap-Ki-Do and become a practitioner they have to first understand the culture of the martial arts journey and unite their mind, body and spirit as one.

To learn more about Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi’s Hap-Ki-Do Grandmaster, please visit Here:



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