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Calisthenics and Weight Training – Strykerz Ultimate Fitness

Calisthenics and Weight Training – Strykerz Ultimate Fitness!

Strykerz Ultimate Fitness at Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts studio in Feather Sound an unique workout for anyone who seeking to get into great shape and tone up their muscles. We exercise with free weight, medicine ball, box jump, Kettle Bells, push ups and pull ups as well as other exciting workout routine. Master Mehrdad’s fitness training exercises mostly believe using your own body weight and light weight but high reps. You can see in workout pictures below and fitness video workout that we focus mainly using our body a lot and also we do workout with weight as well.

Weight training is great, if you are not training like a body builder. With Master Mehrdad’s fitness training our focus more on agility, flexibility, ultimate strength and longevity of your muscle health.

Calisthenics and Weight Training

Calisthenics and Weight Training – The Best Biceps Exercises For Women. Train your arms with weight in high reps and interval training with pull ups and push ups, it is best way to have great arms.

Strykerz Ultimate Fitness – Box Jump Training For Sexy legs. High repetition box jump workout it will make your legs very lean and tone.

Calisthenics and Weight Training – Pull Ups For Nice Triceps And Back by Master Mehrdad in Clearwater/St. Pete, Florida.

Strykerz Ultimate Fitness – Box Jump Workout For Muay Thai Fighter at Master Mehrdad’s Training Center in St. Pete, Florida.

Strykerz Ultimate Fitness – Box Jump Workout For Muay Thai Flying Knee by Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts Students in Pinellas County, Florida.

Strykerz Ultimate Fitness – Weight Training Workout For Women at Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts and Fitness Gym in Clearwater, Florida.



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