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The Best Knee Recovery Program – Phase 1 By: Master Mehrdad

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The Best Knee Recovery Program

Knee recovery program is perfect if you have weak knees joint muscle or you can “hear” your knees grind, or if you are recovering from a knee injury, then this video is “must do” to strengthen your knees and regain your knee function. This video also serves as post surgery rehabilitation as well. Perfect Video for soccer player, football player, sports related knee injury and for those just looking to have a strong knee so they can run or play sports again. This is a phase one to develop a strong knee and gain flexibility on your knee joint. Master Mehrdad is sharing his knowledge by showing you a proper stretching techniques.

Please make sure you are not on any heavy medical prescription or don’t have any heart or lungs problem also make sure to discuss with your doctor before you do these moves.

Make sure you always consult your doctor or physician before performing any exercises. Especially after a recent injury.

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