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Martial Arts Grandmaster IN SUK PAK Biography

Martial Arts Grandmaster! Kuk Sool Hapkido – Kong Shin Bup and Tae-Keuk-Do

Grand Master In Suk Pak - Founder of Kong Shin Bup Hapkido and Tae Keuk Do Martial Arts grandmaster In Suk Pak was a 10th Dan in Hapkido and Tae-Keuk-Do.  He was the founder of Tae Keuk Do and Kong Sin Yu.  Grandmaster Pak had over 50 years experience in the internal and external Martial Arts, which also include self defense and fighting techniques, as well as philosophy of the ancient arts.   Grandmaster in Suk Pak graduated with a degree in Psychology and Buddhist Philosophy from the Dong Kook University in Korea. Grandmaster Pak appeared on Canadian television to demonstrate Kong Shin Bup Hapkido as a unique martial art, as well as a tool for correcting physical ailments that are beyond the reach of medical science.  In 1972, Grandmaster In Suk Pak received a three page mention in that years Encyclopedia of World Sports for developing one of the most skillfully designed techniques and physical fitness.  Only a few honorable students had the privilege to be taught by this highly respected knowledgeable Grandmaster……Master Mehrdad was one of them.

Master Mehrdad & Grand Master Kenny along with Honorable Students of Grand Master Pak at his Dojo in Toronto, CanadaKong Shin Bup™ (Do) was founded by the late Martial Arts Grandmaster In Suk Pak in Shyuk. The name, literally translated, means “empty body”; understand that the meaning goes much deeper and that Grandmaster Pak wished to cultivate a system using the concept of “open mind”. In the West it interpreted Kong Shin as “empty cup”. The fact that Grandmaster In Suk Pak incorporated the entire old Kuk Sool Won-Hap-Ki-Do curriculum, added ground grappling techniques, and then added techniques of other ancient Korean arts (Tae Kyun Soo Bahk Do) seems to support this view.

Hapkido Sword Techniques

hapkido sword techniques - Martial Arts Grandmaster

The “empty cup principle” allows Kong Shin Bup™ practitioners to totally focus on the job at hand and complete feats considered superhuman by the average lay person. This is reflected in the demanding breaking requirements of Kong Shin Bup™. As with most Korean martial arts, Kong Shin Bup Hap Ki Do practitioners have strong kicking skills. In addition to this, the style uses well over three thousand joint locking techniques — including hundreds of ground grappling techniques not normally found in modern Korean martial art styles. Kong Shin Bup™ can be considered a Yu Kwan Sool (soft/hard) style martial art.

Master Mehrdad Hapkido and Tae-Keuk-Do Teacher

Master Mehrdad with Master Shahram Ghalikar

Kong Shin Bup™ provides its practitioners with training in: acupressure healing techniques, meditation, breathing, forms, weapons, punching, kicking, throwing, archery, horseback riding, falling, acrobatics, joint locks, water techniques, pressure points, and a myriad of self-defense techniques that are totally compatible with one another. The more than 3,600 Kong Shin Bup™ Hap Ki Do techniques are divided into some two hundred and seventy vulnerable areas of attack. Ki power and pressure points are used extensively. In addition to using the circular methods found in many soft style arts, Kong Shin Bup™ also employs strong linear counter attacks from a narrow, but solid, stance that does not hamper quick turns.Master Mehrdad & Grandmaster Pak's Tae Keuk Do Dojo in Toronto, Ontario Although Kong Shin Bup Hap Ki Do practitioners are quite capable of subduing their opponents, they are just as likely to finish an altercation with a devastating strike to a vulnerable area. Kong Shin Bup Hap Ki Do and Tae Keuk Do Martial Arts Headquarters in Toronto, OntarioIn fact, this method is recommended in multiple person attacks. One could say that Kong Shin Bup™ Hap Ki Do is a carefully organized Martial Art blend of modern Tae Kwon Do, ancient Tae Kyun, Soo Bahk Do, and Aiki Jiu Jitsu techniques. Grandmaster In Suk Pak’s extensive background in Kuk Sool Won Hap Ki Do can readily be seen in Kong Shin Bup™ Hap Ki Do, and the influence of occupation forces from China and Japan are quite evident; however, the art is quite unique in the manner in which these influences are blended with ancient Korean martial arts.  Grandmaster In Suk Pak in Shyuk has very in-depth knowledge – Was granted by his Hapkido instructor, grandmaster and founder (Choi Yong Sul Dojunim) a 9th degree black belt.

Martial Arts grandmaster In Suk Pak indeed was the first person to bring Hapkido to Canada. Some of his Martial Arts friends and classmate include In Hyuk Suh Co-Founder of Kuk Sool Won and Bong Soo Han who put Hapkido on the map in the U.S.

Tae-Keuk-Do was founded by Grandmaster Pak In Shyuk and it is stem from Kong Shin Bup Hapkido with more circle motion, non resistance and energy transference in the techniques.

Kong Shin Bup Hapkido and Tae-Keuk-Do Grandmaster Pak